What are you currently reading?

Rereading through the Dragonback series - Up to Dragon and Soilder.
After that I'm gunna read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy again XD

Christmas Greetings!

I'm 2 hours late, but Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

Christmas, how was yours? V 2.0

I got:
-Shaker and Salt with Strawberry margarita Mix
-Mini blender
-Thermal Cup
-Registration for my car
-Cupholder for my car
Does it count if I won a TV in my work's raffle? XD

I gave:
-Tire Pressure gage & Headphones for my bro
-Scented oils for my sis-in-law
-LOTS of toy cars for my nephew
-Tried to pay to fix my car, but Dad wouldn't take my money lol
-Bubblebath for my mom

It was actually a pretty dull christmas this year, we didn't really do anything. Dad put up a mini-tree, but no other decorations or lights, which kinda makes me sad :(
It was alright tho, all in all. Still g2g to grandparents tomorrow tho lol

Remarkable lines of some video games.

"It's dangerous to go alone. take this with you" - old man, Legend of Zelda

That never made sense to me though, You're still alone, just alone with a sword...


When my friend and I went, he was L and I was Light (both from Deathnote) and we had the long-chained handcuffs (I made them myself - cost ~$10 and took 5 minutes). We ran into liek 3 Misas and even another L & Light pair like us. lol It was a lot of fun, until my friend left me -_- He ran off with a ninja girl somewhere for teh last half of teh day
Luckily I ran into another friend there, so I wasn't just wandering alone XD

Guess the Game!!!

lol Yes, it is - I would also have accepted Bumpy Trot - the japanese version. ;D

Remarkable lines of some video games.

So you have a girlfriend, mate? I bet she has a fine beard. - Dwarf, radiata stories

Guess the Game!!!

Why you hate me? :'(

Shouldn't Have Used that Megalixer, You Were Going to Lose Either Way!

Radiata Stories did that a lot - made me feel like it was taunting me >_<

When I want to do something like this I always offer a "victory" solution - it's not hard to work 2 different plots from a single battle, ex: You lose - you die, You win - Villian is wounded, but still kills you in the resulting cutscene.

But I feel unwinable battles are a good way to develop a plot - it gives teh main character cause for training, or questing for that legendary sword, or whatever plot you have going on. But making it seem like a winable boss battle is kind of a jerk move =/

Guess the Game!!!

lol My turn again! =D