Fate Besieged

I keep crashing after the Intro, after the scientist drives you away. The screen goes black and I get an error for a missing file, but the text is empty.

Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

Where does it say that people must pay to use Crash Override Network?

Where does it even say that this is a business?

Getting all het up over this is like accusing a suicide hotline or a battered women's shelter of 'making money off of misery'


It even says in the article that she and her co-partner(s) are funding it themselves. Obviously they are open to donations (who wouldn't be)


This looks so nice and clean, great UI and artwork!

save anywhere function <3

Focus (not the kind that turns you into C'ieth)

Is there going to be a problem with trying to keep people underleveled for max stat gains with focus, kinda like with the esper leveling in FF6? Or are they available from the getgo


This is the cutest thing ever. At first I thought that was a little bowtie though :3 but it's still cute without a blue bowtie!

Are any of you guys in a bad financial situation?

The most important aspect for me is how you personally feel about yourself and your situation. Stress is an important factor in my life that follows me, regardless of when I was poor, or slightly better off now. I look at my sister and her husband + child who are a lot better off, and they still feel unhappy and complain to me constantly.

I try to keep my stress levels low, and be happy with what I have. Thankfully my boyfriend of 2 years is pretty chill, and we balance that out great. Don't neglect to do "fun" things, whatever that may personally mean for you. Trying to further yourself professionally doesn't have to mean less time for fun things and (stress)free time, but it certainly feels that way. Depends where your priorities in life lie I guess...

This turned out more waffle-ramble than helpful I'm sorry :( *hugs*

RPGMaker VX Ace + DLC on Humble Bundle

Not sure where to post this:

The new weekly Humble Bundle just came up with RPGMaker related software (and selected games) for anyone interested.

Link is:

to get everything needs $12 or more


I really like the look of this, but be prepared to confuse people with the naming scheme. In D&D, +1/+2/+3 relates to a literal +1 (or whatever) to its stat - Chainmail +1 is just Chainmail with one more AC. A Warhammer +1 will add 1 to all rolls, and so on.

I'm not saying you should change it for that reason, but be prepaaaaareeeed

You could change it to maybe star icon? But that could impede on the space constraints maybe...

In Search of Immortality

This is one of the rare rpgmaker games where I truly feel like the characters are unique AND fun! They are so different and likeable in their own way. I especially loved the banter between them and the *love story* at the end (hehe...)

I also enjoyed the gameplay a lot, although I feel like the cap for agility seems to be a bit too high. I pushed Isaac's agility over 230 and it's a little insane how many turns he got, I actually had to tone it down, if I ever wanted to get a turn on my other chars (I don't think I even got to learn more than 2 new attacks on Pudding)

Great game, if a little on the short side, but for the amount of time you spent speeding through it? You have my utmost respect.

Final Fantasy Discovery

I cannot play the game because I get a window that says:
"unable to find VL Gothic font"

I also want to know if I need to install the RPG Maker to play this game...
Did you try installing the fonts from the "Fonts" folder? Anyway I think it should use the FFIV:TCC SFont font, and not VL Gothic font.

No, you don't need this engine. Don't know 'bout RTP as I have RTP installed on my computer.

You do need the RTP, as I had to install it on this new machine. Always install the fonts like Noel_Kreiss mentioned. For windows you can just rightclick and install.