Broken Reality

Wow i can't believe i actually downloaded 1.50 gb for an rpg game!
Hopefully it was worth the trouble.

At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

I have just one question what is that rule of three riddle?

Can't seem to find the proper combination of those switches to open a a locked door...

Chris's Sunshine Adventure

Awesome! Try to add a download link cuz there isn't any?


I see i must admit a haven't been paying attention to the size of the threes i just wandered around ...

Thx for the info i sould be able to find it now.

Phantasia Remake

Download the RPG Maker 2003 RTP. I just got the whole maker since it comes with it plus some extras according to the source.

You may have to do the same with 2000 to run some RPG2000 games.

And where might that be?

Could you provide a link for rtp download of rpg maker 2003.


Nope, not in the pub. You need to collect and place 3 crosses in the various churches and then the angel will appear in your home in Delta Town.

No the hero city entrance to the forest. The western entrance, near where you met Mette.

Now i'm so totally confused so i met mette for the first time in snake forest just before entering hero city or at least that place with the save crystal the girl who sells seeds and the merchant in fron of the gates of hero city.

So you're saying that evil three should be just there? Is there any particular character or specific time frame required.

I roamed there a lot in that vicinity and couldn't find it???????

Is it just near the entrance in that bee forest or just near the entrance towards snake forest?


Angel has been recruited i just need to find that evil three!


Where can i find the traveler pass?


Chest in snake forest needs the angel in your party.

The 'evil' tree wanders around just north from the hero city entrance.

The key for the mine is dropped by someone you can't encounter until you meet the tree.

But i couldn't find a way to recuit that angel i have put the angel costume to casia but nothing happens the angel just stares with three points as text! Is it the angel in delta city pub were talking about?

"The 'evil' tree wanders around just north from the hero city entrance."

Does that mean that he is actually in the hero city itself somewhere or beyond the gates at the back of that city? If so how do enter that area because those gates are locked!


I downloaded the game palayed a bit and then gut stuck?

There seems to be a temple with a door riddle. How do i get through these anoyying doors?

After knocking a question mark appears and that's about it then nothing happens anymore? I have equipped the sledgehammer in the hope destroying those doors but nothing happened?

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