Epic Elf 2

I have been playing a while until i got to some desert oasis where i've met Pious in that same room is leaf (or her soul?).

An elf clone appeard and i'm supposed to have a black orb i think. Anyway pious said i sould get something that has been left from the masked individual.

Problem is i don't where i should go? I looked everywhere even wen't back into the swamp. I should mention i could not go past an evil eye which is blocking the way to some treasury boxes but i don't think this where i should found the answer either.

Anyways i wen't to the desert again to some weird tower in which there are two pianos on each side i tried to go up stairs but a force field is blocking the way!

I should also mention i wen't to see the reaper in that desert and destroyed two enemies except for the skeleton that absorbs all the mp of all my players i couldn't defeat that one is there a trick to beat him? Couldn't do it by using just ordinary techniques.

I'm hopelessly stuck!!! :(

Between Void and Shadow

So i started to play and everything wen't well!
Until i defeated the first boss the succubus!

I have defeated that boss and thought i could go east furthermore, but nothing happens the way is still blocked when i wen't back to the village and the 2 soldiers with their horses still blocked the road????

So now i'm stuck in the game in that village! Did i forget to exlore something in the village? I'm confused is it the end of the demo?

Other than that the demo looks good!

Okiku, Star Apprentice

Hmm i downloaded the demo without reading the comments above first.

So i started exploring what little was out there to explore and well that's about it.

At first i thought i did àoverlook something cuz there weren't any battles.

But now that i actually the comments above i understand the situation.

Too bad there wasn't a first dungeon to explore that kind off ruins the mood!

But the main character looks interesting with little touch of humor in it.

Shattered Hourglass

I played the game finished it yesterday but i still don't get a few things like why does that female qual not intervene against chronos at the end? I mean i struggeled against some demonic boss to get her esuipment and then once i gave it to her she and her crew followed me in about every town when i got to the house that bought and upgraded she tells me she needs to take the robot the robot factory and start a mission over there so i agreed but then i got this weird message that i need to download a patch or something for it to work?µ

Anyway i decided to battle chronos i wen't to some strange labyrinth and managed to find chronos and engaged him in what seems to be the last epic battle. But no sign of quel anywhere? I mean wasn't she supposed to help at the end. I ask this because chronos was difficult beat even in soft mode!

I did however manage to defeat him somehow and saw the credits at the end.
wen't to the arena afterwords but as i understand that part is still under construction. I have downloader version 1.17 of the game and i wonder if this is the latest version?

Other than that the game is pretty fun to play!


Yes i have the latest update. That's why i found it kind of strange to begin with...

I can't acces an area which shows a stair i'm assuming that leads to level 2.


I think i'm going to delete everything and reinstall the game.


These are the missions that i've completed so far.

-desert mission (governor rescue)
-Tulims curse
-Churric camp
-Sym village
-Warlord's queen
-Bounty hunter
-radical attack(radical leader)
-Lex SSH containment
-Wetwork (hajou & danze)

In this arera there was one empty holodeck left. Is the above mentioned the holodeck map?

Other missions
Occultist mark 1
Shuttle escape (onboard the esper 1)
There were 2 empty holodeks probably two optional missions

So far i also completed three solo missions (sly elena and samus solo missions)

I completed some of the hard missions haven't started the golem mission at hard difficulty yet although i will definitely try it soon.

As i understand now i think i might have completed more of the game than originally thought. I actually thought the chip would unlock acces 2....


Have you not downloaded the latest episode?

I remember coming across that bug in Jester's Mansion; it was fixed in Episode VIII.

However, if you have already downloaded that bug fix and are still getting a problem just let me know and I'll look further into it, but as far as I'm aware, the current version is free of that issue.

Let me know~

Just checked to confirm: the bug is definitely fixed in Episode X which is **out now.

Indeed as you mentioned it i had an older version. So i downloaded the latest version and i could finish the yester mission.
But i'm facing another bother. See i completed almost all the small missions except one that didn't show up for some reason. Now i got this message that says there is a mission briefing at the bridge this mission splits the members into four groups and afterwards they get together to defeat the golem which wen't all smoothly. The golem was defeated and i got a chip but it says it's encrypted and be viewed quiet yet.

So i wen't again to the bridge but bothing happened i just get the possibility to replay the entire mission over again?

I can't seem to acces level 2 either since there is a small mission missing as well as two additional(optional missions)

I also noticed that the side scrolling plane mission could not be replayed properly when i arrived a second time at dthe big ship i got some kind of message showing up constantly freezing the game. but this is not so important of an issue.

Now i just don't know how to advance in the game anymore i have almost 120000 of rep and completed all the small missions except for one that doesn't show up.

The mission of the golem was completed succesfully and i received a chip. I sense that there might be something i have to do to read that encrupted message.

Any thoughts on this?

Eclipse Saga

Loved this demo!


I played this wonderfull game but i can't go beyond the yester mission. i have 70000 of rep more or less and most of my crew are level 17 or 18.

They are all well equiped and bosses are not a problem anymore. However i encountered a strange mission where i have to capture a clown named yester.

I defeated him once but the mission was not over as i couldn't get back to the mothership.

I defeated him a second time and then something like yester has collapsed we have him. So i thought finally i got him but i was still out there the crew didn't go back to the mothership?

This is the only mission from level one that poses a problem as i'm literally stuck in that mission.

Any ideas what may be causing this?

Zendir: A New World

I think i'm stuck in the game. Here is what i did so far i managed to escape from the prison in the castle wen't to the desert bought a boat and wen't to aile village to solve the water pollution mystery. This has been told to do by the castle people. But in aile there is nothing to actually solve the water pollution problem?

So i wen't to the ice part of the map played the ruins out there defeated some boss down there and the water mystery is still not solved? I managed to recruit some small archery girl along the way.

But now i'm totally clueless as what i should do in the aile village.

It's kind of depressing because the battles were not so difficult so i was progressing nicely in the game.

Any thoughts on what i might have overlooked.

Hmm, you've recruited the archery girl and defeated the boss in Hydu? That's good progress. Have you been to Blizzet Town? If not, go into Blizzet (it's just slightly south of Hydu) and go into the Magic Shop and talk to all the NPCs :)

The battles will get quite hard as soon as you progress onto the next bit, so be sure to save frequently, and in different slots from now on! :P

Thanks for playing so far though :D

Thx for the tip as it happened i simply forgot to talk to one of the npc in magic shop ....

Indeed the battles have gotten quite hard in that floating castle.
But somehow i managed to defeat the end boss!