Dragons' Descendants

I played until i arrived at that swamp which is quietly frustrating. As health is gone upon stepping into the swamp and enemies show up every second...

Also no matter what level up i get the stats of the characters remained the same?

So i stopped playing the game at the swamp walking through a maze i can live with that but losing health while doing so and confornting hords of enemies at the same time hmmm guess i'm not that skilled.

My point is that part of game is a bit diffucult i think.



I gave it a try and all was going well i was getting the approvals to enter the guild until i wen't to a desert where i have to find a statue i think this desert oasis seems to be some kind of maze.

But i can't find my way out of it. Any tips for clearing that part of game?

Phantasy Star Gems

and sorry Marrend everyone is not a master
speller like you.
Master speller..haha, no.

Anyway, despite me not having a go at this, I can say some of it is better than your previous games, though "some" a bit much coming from me.

Oh, and above all else, is the grammar. This. Needs. Help. Now, it's mostly obvious when someone isn't native to English, however skimming through bits and pieces of the dialogue in your unencrypted demo, it was pretty bad overall. You need to either let someone else who speaks English better handle the text/dialogue, or just improve on it yourself. There's also the little detail about some of the monsters facing the wrong way. Minor detail, but even minor details can make or break a game.

Grammar? Since when is this a major issue when playing a game?
I played lot's of rpg's and while some games had some spelling issues it doesn't make them less enjoyable.

That's what i think at least.

Ancient Death

Oh the zombie fest of the undead followed by more undead alien stuff!

lol i liked very much completed the game just recently.

Damn no more zombies around to blow.

It was kind of short however :( if only there was more to exlore more levels more zombie galore!

Phantasy Star Gems

I gave it a try and all was going well i recruited a frog named leaf and went to the castle to defeat the black pepper boss.

I stumbled upon juza defeated him and then nothing i got a black screen and that was it it's as if the game froze for no apparant reason?

Is this normal?

Kind of sad i really liked to play this game.


Zendir: A New World

I think i'm stuck in the game. Here is what i did so far i managed to escape from the prison in the castle wen't to the desert bought a boat and wen't to aile village to solve the water pollution mystery. This has been told to do by the castle people. But in aile there is nothing to actually solve the water pollution problem?

So i wen't to the ice part of the map played the ruins out there defeated some boss down there and the water mystery is still not solved? I managed to recruit some small archery girl along the way.

But now i'm totally clueless as what i should do in the aile village.

It's kind of depressing because the battles were not so difficult so i was progressing nicely in the game.

Any thoughts on what i might have overlooked.

Lost memories

Same remark no download link?


Very nice game.
Well balanced neatly done!
Love it!!!

Especially the battle with venia. That battle was awesome.

By the way what is that badge i recieved after the battle.
It is whithin the key items but seems to have no use?

I managed to to get the behemoth companion beefed up to 700+ attack power!
Really cool along with the druid attributes of the main caracter.

Will there be a sequel for this game?

Anyways thx for this wonderfull game.

Unneeded Heroes

I just happened to play this game a few days ago and it's really cool. Love all this sexy chicks around!

The music is lovely by the way.

However i got stucked in the game :-(

At the south continent i stumbled upon a problem or two.
First as i understood i have to gather a hollowed nut to get the earth mantra code for the first shrine so i wen't to that isolated part of the south continent and faced the dievolt fox which is supposed to give that nut but nothing happens no matter how much i kill that fox over and over again nothing happens????

And there is another weird thing that happens this time it's at the INN in mezzolia. When i check in i get an error message that says

"Unable to find Audio/BGM/Scene_GoodTimes"

So i checked the audio folder in my computer and amazingly this is correct that file was actually missing?

I uninstalled the game deleted the save files reinstalled the game and to my amazement it was still missing???????

Is there any way i can fix these problems?

Star Stealing Prince

I see i think i might have forgotten to talk to a ghost or maybe i did it in the wrong order. I will replay that part again i think.