Blood Haze: Reborn

I played this game recently but got stuck in the hotel somehow i have to enter a 3 digit code to open something but couldn't find the code.

Does someone remember that code?

Star Stealing Prince

I hate to say it but i'm stcuk again! :(

I had to beat a ghost that garded at en exit in the underground of sabine forest i think.

I talked to many ghosts and they say i have to give a cat doll to an child ghost so that the father of this child ghost grants me permission to pass.

I think i found that child ghost sitting upon a platform which i can reach.
A yellow indicator gives a clue about taling to that ghost i did so and the following has appeared "the ghost it trying his best to to look at you"

So it is impossible for me to talk to that ghost and the cat doll i have doesn't seem to be activating itself.

I'm hopelessly stuck in this wonderfull rpg.


Wine & Roses

Great game was a bit difficult at times i have to admit some bosses were very difficult to defeat but i managed somehow to defeat the end boss and finish the game.

A word of advice make sure you got cryostasis before engaging the end boss.
Cryostasis allows you to freeze her this way you can gather more energy points and prevent her from curing her minions. Oh yeah she has some folks bagged up her sleeve so it will get crowded. However each of those avatars she casts has it's own weakness! Take advantage of this. Also while putting the main boss in cryostasis use sleep on the other avatars. This is how i managed to beat the end boss.

Dead Moon Night


I loved this game!

It was fun to play lot's of humor from the characters and the storyline.

Was something different than the standard rpg's around. Very creative!

Star Stealing Prince

I downloaded this game a few days ago and i must say it's quiet impressive.
Excellent graphics! This game is definitely a must!

The puzzles are a bit difficult dough i managed to get to west tower so far and as much as i hate to admit i'm kind of stuck!

Can't solve the zodiac puzzle over there. I sense that the clues offered are a bit vague. From what i understand you have to combine the zodiac with a sentence dealing with some slaugtere ram and maiden ...

Did anyone actually solve this puzzle? If so what's the answer of the puzzle?
I think some of the levers have to be pulled in a certain order but which one is it?

True Origins Demo

The game looks very good to me some problems like crashing sometimes but considering this game is still in developpment that's not really an issue i guess.

However i'm already stuck at eraki village. I fixed the pond but the guy was already gone in the tavern since i already spoke to him hmmm.

I will try to fix to pond first and then speak to the guy in the tavern. That should do it.

Anyway i strongly recommend to try this game!
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