Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

The JammingFix doesn't seem to work for me, it would be a great plugin tho! (Especially the German community had so much problems with the Jamming sections XD)
I put the .dll file into the DynPlugins folder but it still didn't work... Am I missing something?

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Created an account just to thank you for the opportunity to mash "Z" for ~1min atop a building in the rain after a certain battle. It was an enjoyable moment unspoilt by any sappy censorship or sanctimonious hypocrisy. Those who live by the sword should be prepared to die by it, after all, and mistake or no, what is owed in blood must be repaid.

Looking forward to further moments like this. Finally another adult JRPG that doesn't have its villains and protagonists act like hypocritical idiots.

I agree with you on that one :D

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

1.I keep having a little bit of lag when walking around it's very small but happens ever 5 secs or so.

That's not normal, try cleaning your fan as the user Testament already suggested.
No worries at the battle transition lag, this just happens because of the rpgmaker2003 picture-rotation.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Roalie's dog can is in Roalie, of course. You'll find the dog in the south-western side of the town, you must enter inside a house and then exit in the southern door and you'll find the dog.

The Lost Knight is an end-game quest that will start in Borgol prison in the last chapter.

He refers to "Where on Ariathale are Macbeth and Juliet" and "The Unquiet Spirit". Remember, he says "the mission BELOW Roalie's Dog"

matski, you'll not able to obtain the "Where on Ariathale are Macbeth and Juliet" mission anymore. It's only available when talking to Shylock in Reyel Castle's library before leaving to Ismail.
"The Unquiet Spirit" is available when you talk to the Carver after Dael joins your party.

FF6: Age of The Returners

I played this game for 20 minutes and I did not enjoy it.
Basically, the first 10 minutes are made of nonstop text-spam and I did not enjoy reading that. The other 10 minutes I spent was the first encounter which was a real pain to fight. Caeser and Augustus can't even damage the enemy.
I don't think that a fangame sequel of Final Fantasy 6 should be made with RPG Maker MV. The menu is unfitting and the font never has been nice to watch.
If i made a FF6 fangame, I'd easily go with RPGMaker2003. The battle system is basically the same by default and it is the easiest way to get the real FF6 atmosphere.

Finally, to say something positive, at least the story seems to be not so bad.
I would not continue making this project in RPGMV. It's the wrong engine for such a game. But that's only my feeling about that maker.

You'll do the right decision.

Final Fantasy VI-2

I remember playing this demo some years ago and I just randomly came across it again! :D
Is there any news? How much of the game is completed? I loved the demo!

MISAO 2019 Results!

This year's misaos are a blast!

I'm so glad Villnoire won at least one of them. Congrats, Little Wing Guy :D (I think that game deserved some more, however!)

I did not play Grimm's Hollow yet, dang... Heard so much good about it. I'm definetly going to play this game next!
Congratulations to you as well, ghosthunter!

And now, Theia... Lollo, you deserved that so much! Theia appeared 14 times on the list XD
I really hope this makes you, again, feel like you created a godlike game, 'cause this year's misaos are proof for that :D
Congratulations again!

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

how on earth do i beat the high noon arena challenge?

I used Yellow Fluid on Seth, so his speed doubled. Then Tisiphone + Folgore
However, it just seems like it's random. One time it worked, the other time it didn't. Don't forget mashing Z lol

Update - January 2020 - New Let's Play & Misaos

Thank you, Chaox :D Appreciate it.
I don't deserve to be called like that, however. Not until I'll finish the translation.

Update - January 2020 - New Let's Play & Misaos

I think this game has good chances of winning most of the Misao Awards. I'll hack off my hand if it doesn't. (Please, Theia. Just win.)
The picture of all the characters from Theia, Villnoire and the others is epic, haha.

I'm looking forward for Fado's series, probably will be hanging out there :D
I hope that someday somebody German will do a playthrough of this game when translated. (I'm doing a great progress btw)
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