Holy shit I'm in love with this battle system.

Dragon Kingdoms IV Review

"The dialogue boxes announcing the time shift interrupt cut scenes and really disrupt the game’s flow."

What a horrible night to have a curse.

How do I remove notices?

There are things even Super Llamas do not know. And this is one of them.

And I mean the notices under the Notices section with that triangle-! sign. Going to the notices section marks them all as read, but doesn't get rid of them, and clicking on them doesn't do it, either.

How do I remove notices?

I've got 94 pages worth of notices by now and I've yet to figure out how I'm supposed to clean them all out of my inbox.

Battle system: Is this feasible in RMVXA?

How about a 'special' that if you do something, BEFORE switching, they can attack right off the bat, when switched? But a rare, hard to do, thing.

Well, maybe the player could sacrifice a blitz meter or two in order to have the backup party member come in to perform the last hit as they trade places. That way, the replacement will still need to wait until next turn to act, but the previous character will still be able to do something other than just tag out.

Battle system: Is this feasible in RMVXA?

Okay, good. I don't have too much experience with scripting, but I've at least been programming with other languages for a while, so hopefully it won't be too much trouble getting used to doing scripts myself.

If you want to use this system at all, you should have less encounters as usual, but with stronger enemies. The combo system means that each turn will take much longer, so you need to compensate for it.

I'll be using the "enemies visibly wander the map" style of encounters, so that should be easy.

For damage dealers, it seems to me that overspending will usually be the best option. After all, if you can kill an enemy now and not act the next turn, that's surely better than than removing half of an enemy's HP this turn and then remove the other half the second turn. Even if you at both scenarios end up dealing the same amount of damage, the earlier the kill comes, the better. Chance is you end up with a game where the optimal strategy involves losing turns almost half the time. If you allow the player to overspend, involve a greater penalty than just a turn loss. I recommend a defensive penalty like taking more damage.

That might work. Maybe I could also put them in a sort of stunlock where they can't dodge attacks either.

And I might as well add the feature ideas that I forget to put in last post:

-Characters and enemies can dodge individual attacks mid-combo, but scoring a critical puts the opponent in a stunlock where they can't dodge anymore attacks for the rest of the combo (which would be a good time to break out the high-damage, low-accuracy attacks.)

-Characters can use their turn to swap out for a backup party member, though that party member won't be able to act until the next turn.

Battle system: Is this feasible in RMVXA?

I've been working on an RPG battle system for a while, and I thought I'd post what I have because I want to know:

1. Is something like this feasible using RPG Maker VX Ace?
2. Are there any preexisting scripts that can help with this?
3. Some opinions on the undecided bits.


Chain Combo System

-Instead of MP and TP, each character has Action Points (AP) and a Blitz Meter
-All actions in battle use certain amounts of AP, which regenerate each round.
-Undecided: Should characters not be able to do something if they don't have enough AP, or should they be able to do it anyway and put their AP into the negatives, at the cost of not being able to do anything until evens back out?
-Other than using items, escaping the battle, or possibly guarding, all other actions are derived from equippable Techs. Each character can equip up to 6-8 (final number undecided)
-Techs come in two flavors: Attack and Support
-Characters are able to chain together multiple techs in a round into a combo.
-Each character has a "Max Chain" stat that determines how many techs they can chain together in a single round. Starts out as 3, and slowly gets higher as the character levels up.
-Attack and Support techs cannot be used together. Once a player chooses an attack tech, they are unable to use support techs for the rest of the round, and vice versa.
-Undecided: Will chaining the same techs over and over again in a row cause them to be less effective each time?

Two possibilities for combo system

-Turn-based: Once the combo starts, the game waits for players to pick a new tech.
-Real-time: Each tech has a time limit. If the player doesn't pick the next tech by the time the time limit runs out, the combo automatically ends (time limits for multiple chosen techs will stack on top of each other.) There is also a couple seconds added on top of the first tech time limit to give the player more time initially to get a combo going.


-Each character has equippable Limit Break-style techs called Blitzes, fueled by the Blitz Meter.
-Blitz Meter rises when the player either uses techs or takes damage.
-Blitz Meter has three levels (much like the MvC-style Hyper Combo meter)
-On top of using AP, Blitzes use a certain number of levels off of the Blitz Meter. Less powerful ones may only use one meter, while more powerful ones can use 2 or even all 3 levels.
-Blitzes can be either Attack or Support-type.
-Blitzes can only be used as the third or more tech in a combo.
-Using a Blitz automatically ends the combo.

Coming up with a story as you go

I recently tried plugging in the very first part of my game idea into VX, and even though I had a script written for that entire part, I ended up ad-libbing a good chunk of the dialogue so that it would flow better. Though the only time I ever ad-libbed a story entirely was when I was just screwing around and trying to get a feel for XP (something about a party getting trapped in a ghost town that was the extension of a demon lord's body and he was using it to trap anyone who wandered in and sap their life force so he could get more strength and expand the border of the town and trap more people.)

I'm just gonna leave this here without much further comment.

And one man's "open world" is another man's "unfocused mess".

I have to agree with this. Too much freedom right off the bat can be just as bad as being railroaded. To be honest, I don't like the original Zelda all that much. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with it, but I found it annoying that the game doesn't give you any direction. Having an open world is fine (some of my favorite RPGs ever let you go anywhere you want right off the bat) but when a game just drops you off somewhere without any indication of where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do, and expects you to just figure it out after a few hours of dicking around, it's really annoying.

Some pointless meandering about gamers (AKA: Meet your audience)

Perhaps a bit of a tangent, but on the "Meet your audience" part, my game design teacher showed us this video about a month or two ago and went "THIS IS WHO YOU'RE DESIGNING GAMES FOR"

Note how many of the worst N64 games of all time are "alright, I guess."
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