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Battle system: Is this feasible in RMVXA?

I've been working on an RPG battle system for a while, and I thought I'd post what I have because I want to know:

1. Is something like this feasible using RPG Maker VX Ace?
2. Are there any preexisting scripts that can help with this?
3. Some opinions on the undecided bits.


Chain Combo System

-Instead of MP and TP, each character has Action Points (AP) and a Blitz Meter
-All actions in battle use certain amounts of AP, which regenerate each round.
-Undecided: Should characters not be able to do something if they don't have enough AP, or should they be able to do it anyway and put their AP into the negatives, at the cost of not being able to do anything until evens back out?
-Other than using items, escaping the battle, or possibly guarding, all other actions are derived from equippable Techs. Each character can equip up to 6-8 (final number undecided)
-Techs come in two flavors: Attack and Support
-Characters are able to chain together multiple techs in a round into a combo.
-Each character has a "Max Chain" stat that determines how many techs they can chain together in a single round. Starts out as 3, and slowly gets higher as the character levels up.
-Attack and Support techs cannot be used together. Once a player chooses an attack tech, they are unable to use support techs for the rest of the round, and vice versa.
-Undecided: Will chaining the same techs over and over again in a row cause them to be less effective each time?

Two possibilities for combo system

-Turn-based: Once the combo starts, the game waits for players to pick a new tech.
-Real-time: Each tech has a time limit. If the player doesn't pick the next tech by the time the time limit runs out, the combo automatically ends (time limits for multiple chosen techs will stack on top of each other.) There is also a couple seconds added on top of the first tech time limit to give the player more time initially to get a combo going.


-Each character has equippable Limit Break-style techs called Blitzes, fueled by the Blitz Meter.
-Blitz Meter rises when the player either uses techs or takes damage.
-Blitz Meter has three levels (much like the MvC-style Hyper Combo meter)
-On top of using AP, Blitzes use a certain number of levels off of the Blitz Meter. Less powerful ones may only use one meter, while more powerful ones can use 2 or even all 3 levels.
-Blitzes can be either Attack or Support-type.
-Blitzes can only be used as the third or more tech in a combo.
-Using a Blitz automatically ends the combo.



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