Temporary changes 2.3 (list might change patch will come out in about 1 or 2 weeks)

• Adjusted the the begin tutorials so that they explain the new changes as well.
• Intro text speed sped up 33%
• Made a start toning down the vulgarity.
• Improved the pre-intro, the ship does not laugh anymore, nor does it fly close to the screen. The nuke explosions are gone and the planet implodes by itself after the ships leaves.
• Focus now increases summon damage with 15% increased mp cost with 2
• Increased exp pay-out in the later parts of Lentha, increased hp of those monsters slightly to compensate.
• Removed some mistakes from the 4th tent.
• Fixed a bug that you can get in Twende Tower before the 4rth dimension.
• Slightly increased the stats of a later boss.
• Fixed some floating bushes on Rockey mountains.
• Fixed the wrong treasure message in sanda cave and moved the treasure box.
• Fixed the bug in the Pirate Cove that Mr burns reappears when you go to the front and then trought the secret route to the back.
• Fixed the bug that you cannot cast orb magic in the sandhand + sand worm monster group.
• Increased the mp cost of force with 2 mp
• Removed the bug that the ship to Lexia sinks in the worldmap.
• Fixed the bug that you can skip the treasure puzzle in the ice castle.

Final Tear 1

you just have to think for a litle while

How are you progressing right now? Part 2 comes out within 2 weeks ;).

Inferno of Anger 2

Wow this looks very good! Going to download it for sure!

Edit: I don't hear sound effects is this intentional?

Final Tear 2

well okay but im still waiting

Good news for you, recovering the script did go faster,. The game might be already released 2 weeks from here ^^


Critics tore this game a new one, but I'm more interested in what it does in my engine if it has lots of content. I'm not concerned whether or not it's a good game so much as it might be a good test case.

EDIT: Well it's an installer. This is a no go.

Uhhhm ok o_O.....what is wrong with an installer?


I dont like long games realy much,because after a while it gets boring,and the battle system is side view,because i wanted to see a battle system like DEVIL THEORY,because it fires me up!It dont get to repetitive (or whatever)

Long games don't get necessary boring if they are long, if the story is interesting enough it can keep you hooked. Also a fun battle system helps too.


10 february 2011

Good news, a new patch (2.2)is out with some great changes. The best are better balance, faster text speed, faster orb level up menus and new weapons and many more changes!

For more information on the changes look at here.


ummmm....i have problem what is the maxinum level of the book
(i have that first FT3 test going and i dont know what is the best level)


Final Tear 2


I'm afraid that it might take another month before its released. The rewrited script got lost ( I know very sloppy of me) and I need to go over it again :(

Final Tear 1

He he first try to solve it yourself helps a lot as you can see ;)