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"I made a decision to do that/I did that on purpose" is not a valid response to an obviously disliked gameplay feature/quirk (or bug, as the case may be); that's simply dodging responsibility for poor design. It makes you look defensive and unable to take criticism - especially when the very first comment on a very comprehensive, well-written review of your game is basically to accuse the author of exaggerating everything and being completely wrong.

You cannot jugde a book if you only read 2 pages of it

And about that bug, its hardly bothering to anyone. And the other bugs are talking care of as we speak.

But I'm not going to rewrite (or rather said fuse) the whole magic system for such minuscule thing, if you don't like that don't play the game end of story. It's a free game for crying out loud.

Final Tear 1

So I've been trying, however the number still can not figured out Can anybody help me with this puzzle -4 14 -7 47 -8 ?

Like I said it is a multiplication of itself - a fixed number -4*-4 = 16 - ? = 14

the rest should be easy now.

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Hey, sorry for missing your request earlier. Are you still interested in having the save file sent to you?

Sure am, send it to


New aura system.

I'm brainstorming for a new and better aura system and I want to know your opinion (those who already played the game) what you think of it.

Right now if you cast an aura on yourself it will protect you 50% against the element of that aura and it will increase the damage of that element with 25%.

I'm now thinking about a multi level aura system. This means that you can improve your aura's by filling the gauges and cast the summon. So every time a summon gauge is full and you cast a summon a counter will add 1 point to the aura. And at a certain point the aura will raise to the next level and will give you more elemental damage.

This are just some brainstorms just yet.

What do you think about it?

Final Tear 1

ok i will post it i think im still benjami33
in there and one more thing is this your
windows live e-mail

No I use it just for Final Tear 3

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...There is something seriously wrong if any game lasts 90+ hours. Either you suck, or there's a metric fuckton of padding. Yeah, games from my childhood were supposedly mega-epics, but really, games only lasted long because they were hard as hell and we often had little-to-no clue what we were doing. Out of curiousity, has anyone actually played this to the very end? Is it really 90+ hours? There has to be at least SOME padding to stretch it out that long. Like, hour long cutscenes or random encounters with monsters that have maxed out HP.

Also, how can there be so many bugs that they had to move bug reports to a forum (which you MUST post on or they'll NEVER bother fixing that shit EVER) if there were five playtesters?! And if they were "main" playtesters, wouldn't that mean there were secondary playtesters? That more than five people playtested this, and yet, it's still buggy? How in the world do you miss all these bugs when you have an entire team of playtesters?

And then someone made a Bethesda joke.


As far as I know around 20 people beated my game.

More people test played it but those are in the ending credits. About the bugs, the game is pretty much bug free if you look at the big picture. But due people request and changes so that new bugs are created. Too bad a lot of them happened in the beginning. Like the man that teleports you to a different location, that was clearly a test person that I forgot to erase.

A good example is that a lot of people want a running system, but such a running system causes all kinds of new unseen bugs in the game. because the other systems or events might not work with it.

And it is harder to find all bugs in a 90+ hours game than a 6 hour game for an example.

As it is now, the game has still some minor bugs but nothing game breaking anymore. And I think it can take a lot of time before all bug are erased because some events are so complex that you only see bugs if you do very strange things :P


Oh, fuck this shit. I was gonna comment on that awful title (I'm just a tiny bit tired of seeing people putting together a verb, adjective, and/or noun, then calling it a title), but the moment I read "From now on bugs will only be solved if they are post on the boards", that was it was time to fuck this shit. I mean, seriously, that's the stupidest fucking thing. "Oh, if you want me to fix broken shit in my game, you gotta come to my forum or you can just go suck it!"

A forum for reporting bugs and stuff, great idea. Way easier than going through all these pages. But for God's sake, don't say you're forcing people to sign up for your forum if they want your goddamn game to WORK RIGHT. Rewording that just a little would look so much less dickish, while still attracting people to your forum.


I understand your opinion here. But this game is posted on a lot of forums and there will be a lot more in the future. It wouldn't be very effective if I need to look at all of them to see if there are any bugs. I rahter have them in 1 place so that I can refer to them. And that I can have a big picture of them all. Not to mention a lot of confusing can made be clear that way.


Yo folks, from now on patches will be posted also on this site. Keep in mind that you update always to the latest version when you post bugs. Soon a new version will come out with better walk speed and some other great things but that will be told some later.

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In a place where there are literally thousands of games like this to choose from it doesn't make sense to force players to put 20 hours in to get to the good parts. I suspect it's only kids who are still in high school(or lower) that actually play this game past 20 hours. The average person does not have that kind of time to put into a buggy vulgar game, there are better games to play/things to do/life to live.

You're right about that. But I'm going to look to make the beginning of the game some more interesting. I have imagination enough so that should not be any problem. Btw Ganon can you send me your save game ( if u still have it that is) so I that can see why the summon gauges are not appearing? You can send it to

Final Tear 1

i have taken the picture but how can i send it to you?

send it to

But like I said before better register on my forums and post the bugs there.