This Is Not My Final Form

Ok, on that banner image with the left face, how do you not see a face with the two spikes as eyes and the actual eye as a mouth? I literally only saw that until just now when I noticed there's an actual normal face there.

Anyway, this is pretty cool, will keep an eye on it

Paradise Lost

Wait, whaa?

I recognise some of those battle sprites from Infiroad. My mind is blown.

Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator

This is quite a cool game, and I look forward to it's completion. I do have some suggestions (and a couple questions) that I hope will further the games' development.

While I realise that this may have to do with the game not being finished, I feel there should be more events (i.e. cutscenes) for some occasions. Like, when the new year turns over, the anniversary of picking up Ciel, I think there should be some kind of event here. Maybe also for some other characters birthday, though that is a lot of events to do, so I'd understand if that isn't feasible.

Again, I know this is possibly due to the game being in early stages, but the battles seem really easy right now. I assume that you don't want to them to be too difficult anyway, since it's more of a casual-ish simulation game, and that it would get harder as the years go on.

I'm not sure if the parent's stats actually mean anything? Are they just there for show, do they have a greater purpose, or is this something to be done in future builds?

I haven't seen anything happen due to raising friendship levels with other characters. Is that still in the works, or am I missing something?

Discipline seems like a stat that you don't even have to consider, and I've always had it at 100. It seems really easy to keep it there just with the rests and activties.

The normal theme that plays when you're at home (HomeTheme.ogg file), when the trumpet(organ???) at 1:43 starts playing, it sounds a bit discordant and grating, though maybe that's just me.

For the nurse occupation for the parent, it says 2x rest effects, but it doesn't seem to effect stress and mood regen. I'm guessing it only effects stamina, but then that's a bit misleading.

Speaking of occupations, first time players aren't really going to know what the different origins and occupations mean for them since they wouldn't know about things like exploring or what skills are and such.

I also think that down the line, having some specific events based on your origin and occupation would be good and increase replay value.

So, yeah. Hope this helps you out.

Vindictive Drive

So, since the creator seems to have forgotten to update the RPGmaker page for... quite a while, I will have to inform the people here on his/her behalf.

Let it be known that the full release of Vindictive Drive is out now on Steam! Be sure to pick it up!

Ask Mint

Who put all those metal squares with arrows everywhere? And how do you all survive such high drops?!

A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

I am forced to walk to the right all the time. :( Like, I can't go left, it's like my right arrow key is stuck (which it isn't) I've completed the game once, was cleaning up things before NG+ and was doing Brunhilde's soul tear. Oddly enough, this seems to affect some other RPG maker games as well now (I went on Aetherion and Touhou - wondering souls, both RPG maker VX games. On Aetherion, I was walking right all the time on that as well, but it didn't happen for Touhou - wondering souls. I also went on Jojo's bizarre adventure - the 7th stand user (a RPG maker 2000 game) and I was walking right all the time on that too) This is really weird and I registered an account just to address this issue to you. :D

... That's what I would've said, but I looked around a bit first, saw a solution from Cherry and it worked. :D

P.S. Really good game here, and I like that you're still responding to posts to this day. Just wish people would ask more questions on Ask Mint. (must think of questions)
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