It turns out that I really dislike words. Not surprisingly, I recently switched from a CS Engineering major to Creative Writing; practically left my degree at the altar.

I like fine-tuning mechanics and writing long novels on the beach.
Zoids | Whisper
A healer tries to piece paradise back together after tragedy strikes...or at least keep the shards from slipping through her fingers.
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Cut Down Before its Prime
  • Ambassador to Earth
10/03/2014 05:26 PM
They Weren't Kidding About the Maze
  • Eremidia Dungeon : Skyward Temple
08/31/2014 02:02 AM
A Promising Remake
  • Crystalis: Sonata of the Far-Away Sky
08/23/2014 02:10 AM
Very Thought-Provoking
  • Fleuret Blanc.
08/13/2014 08:02 PM
Work in Progress, Needs a Spark
  • The Forgotten Memories
08/09/2014 06:55 AM
A Pleasant Exercise in Frustration
  • Darkness of Hope - Save The Heart of Painful
08/03/2014 03:42 AM
A Well-Illustrated Visual Novel
  • Ringmaster Clause
07/26/2014 03:44 AM
A Gem or a Dud? Too Early to Tell.
  • Black Bird
07/20/2014 08:08 PM
High Highs and Low Lows
  • Sunken Spire
07/14/2014 05:11 AM
Perfectly Average, with a Unique Touch
  • GT Mythra:The Beginning of the Sword
07/10/2014 04:02 AM
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