The Best Battle Animations You've Seen?

I always like browsing animations on pinterest, such as this one and the related ones, or the amazing stuff at the chinese forum CGWell.com (use the browser's translation option)

Game Development Project Management using Spreadsheets

I find time to work on this project (between raising my family, working my job, managing RMN, coaching floor hockey, and other activities).

What a boss!

This is a great guide, project management is an imperative skill. It has helped me keep focused during many projects

Messing around with CSS for game page. A lot of cool stuffs o.o

looks good!

AMAZING SPREAD SHEETS!!!!11 http://puu.sh/s22cC/2d8b0a412e.png

That looks like just a regular spreadsheet to me.
Under the hood this data is being fetched directly from NASA

...but really, all the combinations (bottom part) are calculated in real time from the values on the top.
I... really like spredsheets :3


Don't make fake loading screens, it's the dumbest thing ever

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm actually interested in trying Path of Exile out. Never really played a Diablo-like before. Is it a game I can enjoy solo? Is the co-op good?

Also, how is the game structured? Is there a hub town and you just choose dungeons?

Like any MMO, it's better if you can socialize but totally playable solo.

There's a town, then a series of maps until you reach the next town. Some maps have optional side maps. Each town marks a new "act"

I loved PoE at the start but I don't like the direction they took with balancing


beautiful but honestly the giant machine fortress looks like it belongs in another dimension.
visually it doesn't fit with the town.
still looks amazing tho.

It definitely has a different art style, the black outlines are what caught my eye the most

Best RPGMaker for MMO

I thought making an MMO was number 1 rule in the DON'T DO list of life

White names?

author=Yellow Magic
If your original name is made fun of, can't you just go by a different one?

So that's why you changed to Celestia Ludenberg?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Yeah, VXA isn't quite sure how to handle pixel fonts. Worse yet, the auto-width feature tends to vomit all over the place when you're using a fixed-width font. There's scripts to help alleviate some of this (specifically ones that disable the auto-width), but VXA was definitely not designed with these sorts of fonts in mind.

You can make your own pixel fonts with the SFont script.

Example from my game
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