The Rose Mansion

omg i can't wait till it comes out i relly love this kind of games im so excited XD

Yaaay!! :-) Well we hope you will enjoy it! ❤ Thank u!~

The Rose Mansion

This game is going to be so awesome! I can't wait! Good luck!

Yaaay!~ Thank you! TwT Hope you will enjoy!~
would be interested but rape and torture=no go.
theres a magical invisible line that exists everywhere and this line should never be crossed.

Aw, ok I understand. Q.Q
Ooo this looks amazing!
I can't wait to play~

Yaaaay! Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy it!
I'm not sure why horror games often use and include rape or any other kind of shock value-like trope. It seems unoriginal, nonessential, and it doesn't really add much to the game.

Hopefully this game handles these subjects in a sensitive way rather than use it as a plot device.

I see, I see. Yeah it is used a lot huh? ^^' Well there will only be slight indications of it in our game, so far only in one instance. Hope that these implications will be seen sensitively. ^^
This looks great! I can't wait to give it a try! Subscribed!

*Sniffle* QwQ Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy!


try using one of these to help you! :D

And check some actual anime to notice the perspectives used xD
If you need any more help with that hit me up lol o/

Waah! Thank you! So kind! *sniffle* I'll do my best! ;w;

Yeah, unless the blonde girl is kneeling, her head should be about at the same height as the others. Otherwise it looks a bit weird. Still, I like the art style ^_^

Thank you! ^w^ And yep, the blonde girl's head should be way lower than the others. Don't wanna give spoilers tho. xD


great scene but I recommend seriously working on your perspective! The characters look amazing but the background really breaks everything and throws it out of the window xD (the finish is nice but the perspective is notxD)

Oooooh yeah! My background skills kinda suck! xD Thank you very much for your comment! Hopefully we can fix that up before the final game is released lol

The Rose Mansion


And for the author of this game...
Please, don't disappoint us (/ówò)/ I trust in u

Oh my! 0///0 N-no pressure there! ^^'' lol But, YES! We will do our best to impress! <3 Thank you! \(>w<\)

The Rose Mansion

I absolutely adore your artwork! ^_^ This game certainly looks like it has a lot of potential!

I'm totally fantastically surprised that my own game full of homosexuality hasn't gotten any of that sort of hate. I mean, I can't say that it will never happen, but it's been really refreshing that it hasn't so far. :DDDDDD

Hey, that's good! (^ヮ^) (That gives me strength to show my homo-filled stories XD) ... Or is it because people on this site is respectful with LGBT+ people? (Which is great, honestly)

Waaah! Thank you! <3 And that's awesome! I must play!
Aaw!~That gives us hope too! *w* Yess! release them "homo-filled stories"! I'm certainly interested xD

The Rose Mansion

This looks awesome so far. I always get excited by anything that lists Ib, Witches House, and Mad Father as inspiration.

By all means take your time to make it as great as you can. But when the final game is out, could I do a Let's Play of it? :3

YAY! Thank you! ^w^ We will work hard! And of course you can! A let's play would be awesome!! >w<

The Rose Mansion

Tis looks really awesome and I really cant wait to play it!~ The artwork looks amazing and the style looks good~ I really enjoy these games!~

Waaah! <3 Thank you! We're glad you're interested! ^w^

Sealed Within

Wow this sounds awesome! I'm very interested!

The Rose Mansion

**PLEASE NOTE SENSITIVE MATERIAL INCLUDES: suicide, implied rape, implied homosexuality, and cannibalism

I see, a game that isn't afraid to cause controversy. I'm interested. And the art is cool too.

Oh yeah! We're prepared for mixed thoughts here! xD
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