5th ERA

Is this same game you made in rpg maker 2003 over 10 years ago in italian? I saw it on youtube, sadly it wasn't ever translated to english.

Randomizer Released!

First BUG:
Oalston is added to the party alongside random party member in his town.

Another one: When Hans (or that 2nd party member) should leave the party at Branch Castle, so Vicks could join (or random member), no one leaves the party and I have full 4 people in party (with Oalston), so there is no place for Vicks.

Part One Release

Yeah it's maybe a little convoluted/obscure. On the first floor & east side by the side exit, there's some rope in a storage room opposite the vertical hallway. Go back to the roof, and there's a spot you can jump from.

Thanks, found it, maybe a little "spark" at the spot in next update would be nice :)

Part One Release

Hey, first of all, that's fantastic game and I hope you'll finish it someday. I am stuck though...
At Paul's castle, where I should signal our second party about opened doors. There is scene at the locked room, where Sparrow says about large window behind door. I don't know what to do now, where to find key to this door or how to proceed any other way.

Crypt Challenge EX

1. First of all - there is no file "sandstorm" in non-existing folder img/parallaxes (I created some random image to get along with game), which umakes it impossible to play game
2. No event starts with that Chili girl, who lies outside cavern, but when you enter crypt, she is suddenly talking but not in your party.

Please fix those problems. That's 2 mins in game with ugly bugs.

Meteo Chronicles (Demo)

Game is decrypted, so i cannot do anything: