Meteo Chronicles Epilogue: Crypt Challenge EX

1. First of all - there is no file "sandstorm" in non-existing folder img/parallaxes (I created some random image to get along with game), which umakes it impossible to play game
2. No event starts with that Chili girl, who lies outside cavern, but when you enter crypt, she is suddenly talking but not in your party.

Please fix those problems. That's 2 mins in game with ugly bugs.

Meteo Chronicles

Game is decrypted, so i cannot do anything:

Penumbra Crystallis

I am a big fan of these they are one of the best Final Fantasy fan games, I hope to see this finished.
Love the second one, and hope to see you finish it.

Unlike most of RPG maker users UPRC is real MAN and he always finishes his job properly! Good luck with another masterpiece!

RPG Ring Of Demon

Why this game isn't flagged as commercial?

Militibus Elementis Arc 2

Hi, I cannot run that game - that's the error I've got when I run the game:
Sorry, I have polish version of chrome - error says:
"File not found, It could be moved or deleted"

Titans Of Illumia

Hi I downloaded ur game 1.08v, but when I start new game, there is no intro and character is thrown into some random dungeon. Should it be that way?

Tales from Zilmurik

My game locks up when we are relieced from the prison cell in the Vermolin dugon
can't move.

Second That. Anyone got fixed version of the game?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I played this game a little before you released it on this forum but I didn't like how char development went in this ff fangame. First of all it's full of strange characters with non-matching sprites. They speak things understandable only to people who plays ff online. Well as for me, you should consider changing game heroes to be more "epic" than they are now, because it may scare people who aren't familiar with you.

In Search of The Green Land

Hey, can you put a demo?

I've lost my disk... Poject is dead, sorry :(

Super Mario Bros. 3X

I've found solution!

author=Some guy from other fotum
I've´╗┐ found the solution for that "Type mismatch" error:

Go to the folder where SMBX is installed, go to "worlds\TGE\lava skys".

Open the file "npc-19.txt" and replace:




(so it's just replacing dot with comma)

Save that file and enjoy the level.

I've found that non-english lamguage systems use comas instead of dots in numbers, so that's why some people need to change all dots to comas in npc*.txt files.
It works now :]
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