RPG Maker Day 2022 Participation

It's totally fine lol. Very good games out there I would had never heard of, but now on my play list! Tons of work just piled on in January it was crazy

Misao Results 2021

Congrats to all winners and entrants! I forgot about this event so kinda embarrassed I come in full display THE DAY AFTER THE EVENT ENDED hahaha!

I hope you don't mind, I'm sure there is a ton of tradition with the Misao logo, but I made this if anyone is interested:

RPG Maker Day 2022 Participation

It would appear I am a day late for the Misao haha! Oh well, it shant be waisted, come check us out on RPG Maker Day!

2021 Misao nomination monthly data

Thank you. Now I'm just curious lol, is it a technical issue or is there some sort of back and forth going on with the contests' creators/organizers about including Commercial games in the contest?

But thank you for including our game, hopefully whatever is going on gets organized in the end. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Kentona Award will end up being offered this year, but will still participate in voting regardless.

I had more time to look into this annual reward system you guys put on and really have to tip my hat to you guys. It can't be easy putting on something like this for so long, same goes for this website. I made a lot of friends in the RM community (on a different website), but I see the same is true over here as well, just a bunch of very friendly people all passionate about propping eachother up.

2021 Misao nomination monthly data


A friend told me about a yearly award you guys hold with community voting and suggested I look into it. I'm a little confused, I see above me that Commercial game nominations were removed? I just want to double check if that is final or if I should check back later or am I in the wrong area of the website? The game is Divided Reigns

What are you thinking about right now?

I messed up and bought 9 games after gorging myself with Turkey yesterday - crashed suddenly when the tryptophan hit me - now I cant remember what all I bought. Took some work, but this is what I purchased last night in my turkey drugged phase lol

Looks like I grabbed:

RPG Maker:
Trials of Guinevere (Been wanting to play this one for ages, just never had time)
The Tale of a Common Man - Made by same Dev who made Undefeated. Now granted, I can't say I really liked Undefeated, but it did start off very well and am interested to see if the dev improved or not.
Beyond Reality - I usually don't play sci-fi RPG Maker games or short ones (under 20 hours), but the screenshots of the mapping look polished and the trailer showed interesting writing.
Valient: Resurrection - I was almost about to swipe left on this one, until I saw near the end of games screenshots that beautiful world map and flying on dragons! Jeez dev, lead with your best images first man! Someone needs a lesson in marketing lol. That lead me to the reviews and all agree its a very good story (even the negative reviews).

Assassins Creed Oddysy
Jedi, Return of Fallen
Tales of Arise (will play next probably)
Divinity II
Atilla (Charlemagne addon)

Divided Reigns

I’m totally digging what I see here. Will Divided Reigns be coming to Playstation in the future? It’d be a day 1 purchase for me.

Hello Smokeldoggz, sorry for the very late reply, I haven't checked this site in a while. Unfortunately there will be no porting to other platforms. We did take a serious foray into Switch with a publisher who claimed they could make the port, however it ended up in a costly waste of time. While sales are decent, they are nowhere high enough to help support going into console.

Divided Reigns

Whoa, this looks slick! Great job so far, I'm sure it was a boatload of work.

Thank you! It has definitely been a passion project for us to work on.

Divided Reigns

I love games where there are wars involved, because they end up being the most touching, and I love crying over games or movies haha.

Thank you for your interest in DR. I should note that my co-developer is a fantasy novelist with four books published and is the creator of Einlanzer on Steam which has received tremendous reviews for.

I too have my interest peaked when the setting involves a wartime setting. A lot of attention to detail went into making each faction in DR feel unique to one another with no clear certainty of the outcome of the ongoing wars as you navigate through each area of the world and in many times take part in the wars directly or indirectly.

The demo might not take you far enough into the game to start getting an overall idea of the scope of the conflicts, but it should allow you to see what to expect in terms of combat, visuals and writing the main game offers.

[RMMV] Beta Testers Needed - DIVIDED REIGNS

Bwahaha! Yeah I probably should had spruced the job post up a bit more lol.

I plan to add the game page here, I've just been so busy getting the demo ready in time for the Steam Festival & starting our beta testing.

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