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Silver Heart
A short game with a simple ontological story.




Just got spit bukkaked by a drunk ghost.


The RMN Skill Exchange

Wait, how exactly does this work? Does someone offers a service and then does it and that's it? Or does the person offer up a service in exchange for another service like: "I'm willing to make scripts in exchange for music".

And if its the latter wouldn't it make sense to post your service as well as what you're hoping to get in return?

[RMN Drama] The guy who made the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest remake is trying to sell it


This guy will never give up. And the worse part is that he's got some sort of boner with my crappy work. Last I heard he decrypted all my projects and was releasing my scripts under a new account and got caught and banned from RMW.

I had tons of PM's from this guy and if youtube had not deleted them I'd post them so you guys could see just how many accounts he had just to extort information out of me or insult me.

Here's an example of his posts about me:

Mystic Quest RPG Maker VX Script Help!
by !darkchromestudios, Mar 8, 2013, 2:37:55 PM
Journals / Personal
Are there any good RPG Maker VX Script writers?
I need a menu script exactly like FFMQ the problem is the one i found is for ace..
and the creator well he's just the greatest jerk on the planet mainly cause he says one thing does another and then requests money for it? Isn't credit enough? so if anyone can write scripts PM ME RIGHT AWAY! YOU WILL BE HEAVILY CREDITED!

I HAVE NEVER REPLIED TO HIM. EVER. Yet he continues to tell people I'm charging for stuff that's free and he could have used IF HE HAD NOT BLATANTLY REMOVED ALL COMMENTS AND PRETENDED THAT HE MADE IT.

Also if you've ever played any of his games I highly suggest you run anti spyware or antivirus software on your computer since the installers for the game installed extra stuff on computers.

I'll see if I can find the PM's of a so called "woman" who was romantically interested in me and wanted mystic quest scripts (surprise twist: it was probably him).

McBacon Jam

@TDS I love making retro games. I like to work with the FFL3 tiles. I did some edits and recolors that I haven't used yet.

I can't believed I missed this! It was posted on the same day. If you're still interested send me a message.

McBacon Jam

Name: TDS
Main skill: Programming/Scripting
Other skills: Art, but not really good enough for games at the moment.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: RPG Maker VX/Ace, RGSS2/3.
Prefer to work on: Minimalist games or Retro looking games (GB Style) games or a combination of both.
Prefer NOT to work on: Anything too big or complex that won't ever get finished.
Comment: I'm looking forward to meeting new people I've never had the chance of knowing before and working on a hopefully compact retro looking game.

Bow down to our new Libertian overlord

Congratulations Liberty.

May your reign be long and fruitful and your enemies suffer well unto madness and despair. Let it be that no man, woman or child with their dying rattle or first breath deny your rightful claim to power upon this land from now until time is no more.

The king is dead, long live Liberty!

[RMVX ACE] [Script Request] Separate System and Game Saves

How exactly have you been going on about it?

Because you can just use save_data and load_data to save and load information into a system file.

array = [1, 2, 3]
save_data(array, "System.rvdata2")

loaded = load_data("System.rvdata2")
loaded.each {|l| msgbox l}

All you would have to do is put the pertinent data in the system file and then load it where you need it.

[RMVX ACE] Stationary Events Jittering Around

If the problem only happens when the player is moving then it is not likely a script error from outside.

The problem you're seeing is that sprites are being moved into the correct coordinates within the screen and since they're made up of many parts you're seeing a slight jiggle/split before they finish updating. This is not something that is RPG Maker exclusive, this also happens on other engines and games as well when the computer or console cannot keep up with the updating of positions or when the positions change slightly using float values.

If it's the problem I'm thinking of you should be able to trigger it by also using the command that scrolls the map.

[RMVX ACE][RGSS] Scripting Services

author=Max McGee
Okey dokey you just found a customer sir.

I am wondering how fast you can turn around requests that are laughably easy/minor? I find myself accruing those at a fairly high rate (i.e. at least once a day every day I work on my game), I mean things that you could look at for probably literally five minutes and figure out how to do. Haha I kind of wish I could put you on retainer to answer my dumb and incredibly simple scripting questions. In the rare event I need to commission a script that's super straightforward but more often I find myself needing to modify or unbreak an existing script often in a very small way, and I'm willing to spend dollars for that too, I'm just not sure how it would work.

Since nowadays making (analog) RPGs is my day job, I am willing to throw a totally reasonable amount of dollars at game making, but can you try to give some kind of ballpark idea of what you charge so I can make sure I'm not getting in over my head?

It's an interesting proposition and I'm not opposed to it. I just feel that even at a low price it would quickly become very expensive to charge for each question.

For example if you have an average of 3 requests a day for a week at 5$ each, you would end up paying about a 105$ a week. Charging 3$ would come out to 63$.
And there is the paradox that the quicker I answer the question the lower the price must be.

There are a couple of ways I could see it working out. The first is to work around a budget and a specific type of workload. And the second is to essentially work for tips. In which the payment is at the discretion of the person asking the questions and mostly based on what kind of service they receive and how much it helps them.

I'm fine with either as long as the requests are indeed short. And I'm willing to work around a budget, but if you have any suggestions for a better paying arrangement let me know.

[RMVX ACE][RGSS] Scripting Services

Awww, I'm touched. Thank you very much for the nice posts.


Yes, the cards can be purchased digitally, but it's best to send it to yourself and then pass on the code to the person you intend to give them to. I'm not sure if there are region restrictions or not on the site, but there are different versions of the site for different parts of the world. Since this is a US based site I am going to use the US version which is the .com one.