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Silver Heart
A short game with a simple ontological story.


[RMVX ACE][RGSS] Scripting Services


  • Introduction

  • Work examples

  • Services, price, and terms of use

  • Contact information


Hello and thank you for reading. I am making this thread to offer my services as a RGSS2 and RGSS3 scripter. I have experience making scripts for RGSS1/2/3 and I've been making them since RGSS1 came out with RPG Maker XP.

Work Examples

Here are some examples of my work. You can see more of them in action in my youtube channel here:

Menu systems:
Please note that I do not make the graphics for commissioned work, that is up to the person commissioning.

Battle systems:

Other systems:

Services, price, and terms of use

The services I am able to provide at the moment are limited to scripts that will not take longer than a week to finish. This means I cannot do complex battle systems or other large systems which require the creation of many scripts. This is not because of lack of desire to do so, it just usually grinds commissions to a halt to the point where no one else gets theirs done for weeks. I also provide debugging services for projects.

Here is where I would normally put prices with examples to go along with them, but as I've learned from doing commissions in the past that is not the way to go with programming commissions. All prices are flexible and I'm always willing to lower the price to what the person or group can afford within reason.

As for how to pay. I know this is going to sound strange at first, but at the moment I am only accepting Amazon gift cards as a payment method. I understand how this may seem strange, but after testing it out in other places for a few months, I feel that this method works best for me in terms of getting what I want out of doing commissions. I apologize for the lack of more accessible payment methods, but this is the best I could do.

The terms of use for my commission work are as follow: All my commissioned work is royalty free and you don't have to credit me if you don't want to. The only restrictions for my work at the moment are that you cannot claim that you made the code for the commissioned work or remove any headers that indicate my involvement in its creation ( Short: You cannot commission a script to pretend you made it). Also you may not sell the rights to use the script to someone else.

Contact information

If you have any questions for me you can post them in this thread or send me a PM.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Looking for testers

I am looking for testers to finish a short game I entered in a competition. The engine itself is done, but there are a few stages that require testing from people who haven't already played the same stage 50 times.

What kind of game is it?

The game is mix of various types of games, but it boils down to matching correct
classes to defeat your opponent. Like a "Magian (Mage)" will always defeat an "Amorph (Slime)".

Sounds pretty simple. Why do you need testers for it?

I've essentially played the game to the point where I takes me 2 seconds to set a perfect line against the opponent and because I made it I tend to exploit every weakness there is. At this point I either find a tester or keep going and release a version of the game unplayable to almost everyone.

Oh... So what does the game look like?

Here are a couple of screenshots.

And here is a video of the game in action. Sorry about the quality.

Neat, I'm in! Is there anything else I should know?

I'll be honest. Testing is a mind numbing process that is not for everyone. Sure you might think the game looks pretty in some form, but that is not going to be enough to test it for long periods of time. To test a game like this you really have to enjoy numbers and repetitive mind numbing actions.

So if you think you might enjoy that and a game like the one I'm making let me know by either sending me a PM or posting here. A dropbox account or Skype is a plus to speed up testing.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Scripts area suggestions

Some suggestions for the scripts area.

- Allowing the submission of multiple scripts per page. This would help a lot
with scripts that are segmented or have add-ons that not everyone will
use or are add-ons dependent on other scripts like compatibility patches.

- Naming the scripts "View Scripts code" button if the above suggestion is implemented.
This would help a lot to differentiate the scripts by name.

- Adding a "Allow User Demo Submissions" and "Allow User Bug Fixes/Patches" option. This should be
self explanatory, but this would allow user if the person submitting the code allows, to
submit their own bug fixes/patches to the script or make demos/examples for the script.

- Add a view counter. A lot of people don't post on scripts unless they find a problem with it.
This means that scripters have to gauge interest in a script based on how many views it has.

Interest in a script helps determine which scripts and features people tend to like more and
this helps them focus their time and work into those scripts and features instead of working
on a script no one cares about. And since it's rare for people to post or sign up for a forum
just to show support, the view count is the next best thing to get that information.

- Adding a custom page to profiles where people can post, like the ones in projects. I would personally
use this to take script requests or general scripting questions. I know PM's exist, but answering the
same questions 10~15 times about a script or problem can be very tiring and having a place where I could direct people could answer a lot more questions faster.

- User Resource subscription. Not really vital, but it would be nice to be able to receive notifications
when people upload their resources like scripts, articles, tutorials etc.


I've been playing the games from this site for a while now, so I wanted to introduce myself and be
more social around here and maybe be of some use.

I'm a programmer and also learning to work with pixel art. I like art and anything related to artists, drawing,
coloring, red heads, etc. I cant draw anything myself though.

Overall I'm a very boring person.

My goal around here is to find someone nice to work with that needs a scripter and make some friends.

So, nice to meet you all and have a nice day.
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