Candy Ballad
A lighthearted Halloween Platformer



Game 'Publisher' PM Spam

Lets hear it for Team NotGoodEnoughForSpam


He's secretly evil. I don't know how do I know but I do! (?).
That smile...



The art style seems interesting... a little creepy-cute somehow. Now, I'm not good on it but I think the text needs a little proof-reading (just a little nitpick).

I like the character sheet design :^D. I'm watching this >_<.

Hey thanks for letting me know. Can you tell me which parts of the text are wrong? I wouldn't want incorrect grammar on the bio page. thank you!


Ah hah the text is actually not pixel art just microsoft paint.
Don't use microsoft paint for something this important. If you can't get photoshop you can always go for other alternatives :) Also, you can download free pixel fonts online!

damn you're probably right. I'll look into it thanks.

Has it been a while...

I hope everything goes alright in Unity then :D

only one way to find out.


Very cool. I like the palette. I'd try removing the anti-aliasing from the text, if possible, but otherwise the outlines/style of the characters are really clever and there's obviously a lot of detail put into these. Great work.

Ah hah the text is actually not pixel art just microsoft paint. I don't have the patience to make my own alphabet. I hope it's not too noticeable.

Candy Ballad

Well I love this game! But I forgot to get the painting from the maze and went on! but the gate is now closed to me and I cant get the last painting!!!

Ah you must be talking about my other game, ENTROPY. Yeah that's a pretty well known bug for others who have played it. I haven't gotten around to fixing it. I'm sorry ah I hope you had a back up..

Candy Ballad

How do you download? Or can we not download it?

It's still a WIP unfortunately. Some things came up to where I cold not work on it as much as I intended to. However, it has not been abandoned!


Hmm that's interesting . I tried to follow the guidelines on how to release a game without rtp but i guess something went awry. Ill try to fix that on a later date. Thanks for the input.
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