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Edit: Ok, you explained this one. Alright, I guess that adds up. Still not sure whether I actually agree with it or not.

The fact that you're actually going to spend money on advertising something aimed at such a niche audience seems kinda pointless. The fact that you're selling this game makes programming this game seem well...not passionless, but it certainly feels like there's less passion put into it, which is a shame because the rpgmaker engine seems more aimed towards people who want to make things purely out of passion.

That said, while I'm not interested in the game personally, I wish you well, and I hope that the game comes out as great as you desire it to be..


Ok, here's where I'm skeptical on this.

Please keep in mind, this is a question. It is neither a statement nor an accusation.

Why do you need money to program a game out of RPGMaker? And more importantly, why will it cost you 9 grand?

Well, dude. You have every right to be skeptical. Like, my intent is not to argue with people who have a certain opinion about things. RPG gaming isn't ninche, though. Um, RPG mechanics have evolved to being introduced into literally every kind of game now.

If you mean specifically the RM community. I agree that it is small, that is kind of the whole point to try and expand the project to show people that this kind of thing and this kind of stuff actually exists. Believe it or not, there are plenty of hardcore RPG fans that are just oblivious to finding really cool projects.

I mean, it's your opinion, but really, it's not pointless. If you had something to back up what you mean by that, sure, but.

I'll level with you, dude. I don't think people are stupid. I honestly believe they can tell the difference between a Facebook game generated to steal your money and time for no reason. Vs, a game trying to provide the player with some kind of entertainment.

I honestly don't think people with half a braincell think I am doing this to be A++list celebrity and drive 5 automobiles based off a small indie crowd funding budget.

I respect your opinion, dude, and I'm kind of glad you posted it because they're honest concerns. Unfortunately, yeah I am not going to answer things I have said several times.

The KS is me wanting it to get done within the year, expand it to other platformers, have something different to showcase communities outside RM to show that we're capable of not being a one trick pony, simply because that is ALL they know so far.


I love RMVXACE, but there it kinda hard to get used to

go on......

Looking for an RM2K3 partner for a new project!

I think if you want to utilize more advanced battle mechanics and probably generally more features I suggest you try out or consider getting ACE.

Been using RM2k3 since 2004. XP was too choppy, VX wasn't appealing, but ACE seems like it's going to be the only viable choice for the old RM2k3 users. I've heard amazing things.

Regardless, goodluck bud.

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Dude. If you check out uh, Cold Fusion he somehow got the dude who created Fallout to donate. I think it's incredible that he can do that while I can't even get on indiegames. It's.... idk....

With that being said some people have donated through Paypal, so if you still want to donate and don't want to go through the trouble of Amazon, which is kind of annoying. Here is my Paypal. If you want to donate and are interested in the rewards on the Kickstarter, just let me know who you are and I'll make sure to get that to you.

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ps: is that computer paper? because i use computer paper when i draw and nobody else does. they always use sketchbooks and i'm like, not cool enough for a sketchbook.

My Workstation

if someone was going to mess with your rpgmaker game the best weapon to have is:

1. throwing knife
2. various playing cards

Help wanted update

yeah it's def hard to have really high resolution images/backgrounds with pixels. i think if you can find someone talented enough it isn't impossible to find a pixel artist who can match the art as close as possible. lotta talent out dere.

i suggest places like pixeljoint and various pixel artist hangouts.

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i am dying to know: how did you come up with the number $9,000 dollars? it seems slightly high to me (but not totally insanely over the top bloated, either, still within reasonable norms).

just because i've considered monetizing for years, and was never sure how to build a budget for something like an RM game.

This is a really good question. I had compiled a lot of data and estimation before hand. Generally game budgets for indie devs circulate around 30 to 40k from what i've researched. The fact of the matter is, 20k is def not what I'm looking for and beyond that. I don't need that much and it would just be extra "derp" funds.

I mean, look at these projects and how they overshoot.

This is the general standard for RM on KS. In the realm of RM, it's asking for about the same as other RM KS. The funny thing is, RN: Libra is actually constructed, and it's not just some "idea". And yet these games with absolutely no effort to be unique or different and even take the time to customize their own material just get thrown money at them.

I have a friend working on a game and he has an artist working for him on a 5k budget. So, it is good to know I can cover the visuals myself.

Naturally when you see games on KS that happen to be RPG's and RM all revolve around RTP, it's an uphill battle. Bla blah blah to answer your question more tl;r

-full time work to part time year
-provide a more professional website for the game
-hire help to make certain characters and scenes already done more fluid
-coder to assist in transferring the game to vx and other platforms
-advertising & marketing propa, like
-composers must be paid for moar jams

The meat of it is basically for me to be able to sit down and work on it full time. My boss is a really cool babe, and would let me work part time from full time if the KS were to somehow work out. I'm not a student, I'm not in college so there is no financial carrying. If I were, I def would not need KS funds. Real life prevents this from being made within a year vs 5 years from now basically.

I'm pretty dedicated to the project, and it's special to me because it's everything I have to offer in terms of creativity. If the KS doesn't pan out I'm going to try and take out a bank loan to finish the project. Da lifesyles of da rich and charset.

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want to give a shout out to ian kragh for dropping RN on his show "lobster list"
check it out

as far as progress is concerned it's still up in the air. def not a grand slam by any means. but if we have less than 600 people getting on the pre-order at 15 bucks the goal can be met.

everyone knows at least one wip...