WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
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not specific to your kickstartr, but the whole idea in general. i don't get why someone would give 200 dollars, or a really high amount. especially for a game. we're not all Mitt Romney's and life is expensive. i mean, i feel that paying 60-70 dollars for a new ps3 game is a little expensive and in the end not always worth it. i rarely buy them(ebgames, i love you). its nice to support someone but it seems overinflated in most cases, especially for the reward benchmarks. do people really have so much spare money and nothing better to spend it on?

best of luck though. your stuff is cool and setting a good example for the kind thing that deserves money from kickstartr. if you fail, i will lose all remaining faith in this whole concept

Yeah man, I totally understand that as well. I don't know what to think about it. Some people donate just for the rewards, some people donate just to see the game finished, some people donate to just support indie dev.

Unfortunately it's like, the only viable option to get a small budget to finish a project is through KS. Game dev is exploding but derr aint no programs to financially support them.

Thank you dude, I appreciate it. Various insight and opinions are always accepted.

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I linked your kickstarter on the RPG Maker official EN facebook page, Good luck!

thanks a lot, buddy. long live vidjagams.

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well, it's alright. i am sure wip will vouch for you...

Fields of Fresh - Epic RPG

goodluck buddy.


dragol always makes unique games with neat concepts. it's very refreshing.

Pre-release TRAILER

you did a really good job on this. blending art and a unique concept. seriously, great job. i like how the fox does a cool backflip.

Picture of the Moment Club

yeah that's really cool. i wish he just excluded that pixel char. please stop ruining perfectly good images, guy!

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra it is important to the plot. good eye...

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yeah, it's been pretty staggering pleading with sites to give a plug. it's like, you can only feed so much content to people and they just end up showcasing something else.

going around and pushing something on people is never a cool thing to do. it's pretty disgusting showing up in a community and dropping something and hope people might find it worth checking out.

the larger sites are that much more skeptical, and the standards are kind of absurd. people have every right to be skeptical, kickstarter is very saturated with stuff.

it's hard to explain to people quality control. they don't really grasp how difficult it is to produce content like art, pixels, designs, etc. i dunno bud, it's going to be a toss up. thanks for the comment though, i appreciate it.

Kickstarting a cure for cancer

screw cancer, kickstart rpgmaker games!