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super long mega friendship post

damn brah move the printed tee down to $50 thats like free advertising for you too ya know

hmph. well, i was able to change the rewards that haven't been taken yet. what i was able to do is:
75: npc creation
100: t shirt+digital artbook
200: printed artbook

i wanted to knock down um, npc's to 50 and 75 for the t shirt, buuuut i can't edit rewards taken soo, s'a bumma.

super long mega friendship post

yeah, i wanted to keep stuff in the realm of realistic. like, seriously. if people donated, i would love to give people all this cool swag, neat stuff, etc. just for trying to help out.

the tiers are put in place, because i felt the pricing is stuff i can actually do, and give peopl,e not just say "well donate x amount and you get free ipads" or something.

the physical stuff is actually really expensive for a reason. i think a really big goof on my part is not having npc's available to people in a lower tier.

also, i'm almost certain kickstarter supports projects from the uk now.

i wish i can change it, but you can't alter the tiers once they're made. but, if you do donate, and if you want your designs in the game, just email me, and i can find a place for it.

super long mega friendship post

Thanks bro. I really appreciate it. Yeah, everything is custom so far. The music guy evan, he does great work man. I had a friend show me his stuff and I was like, this is vurry good. Hopefully if this succeeds we'll have a really nice soundtrack available for people to have.

Yeah, I've been getting a lot of emails about the battle system. Hopefully by tomorrow I can address that in a video. As we all know as RM designers, battle mechanics alone are a totally different game scope.

The battles are really clunky, I didn't show them because it's not fluid at all right now. We have RM designers here who focus on their whole game experience on balancing battle mechanics.

Battle mechanics are core gameplay mechanics in an RPG. It's something that I don't exactly want to dive into and bounce back and fourth with. But, hopefully I'll address the battle mechanics possibly later tonight or when I wake up.

Thanks for your post, dude. Like really.

super long mega friendship post

Yeah. I mean, there are plenty of things I can showcase. It's unfortunate I couldn't simply produce a demo before hand.

I've debated with many people over the trailer, and it's incredibly subjective. Like, it's really really difficult to pin point what works.

When it's something like an RPG, it's difficult to keep people interested. I tried to cut out a lot of scenes that had to do with text, just to get people interested.

I mean, I understand where you're coming from. It's a really good suggestion. I'll probably do a couple play through videos, but I mean, the content is so clunky, and it can't be polished until later. I'm a big presentation person.

I mean, it's a slippery slope, because an RPG is exploration and text. And unfortunately it's hard to wrap people into that. RPG gameplay is basically move char for 20 minutes.

But thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to see if I can squeeze something in. What's terrible is, you won't do everything right. It's like, you want to produce a game, but you have to be an advertising expert, know people in high places, etc.

But yeah dude, thanks.

super long mega friendship post

it's okay dude. i appreciate it. spreading the word is just as powerful as donating.

speaking of that, yeah spending the whole day emailing big dev sites in hopes they put it up on their sites is pretty crazy.

advertising is arguably the worst thing to do, and i can totally see why people get mountains of money to do that. it's awful.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

It is traditional overhead exploration. I don't really have any plans for trivial features like smithing/day/night system.

What you can expect from the game is platforming elements, so for example dungeons will be introduced in two ways. overhead and then side view platforming. It's to give players more to do per dungeon, just not exploring.

The battle system is going to be class based. You'll have a prime class and 2 support classes per character. You build class points by attacking and using skills, and then when you build your meter you'll be able to switch between all 3 classes.

This gives you new skills, stats, etc per class. A good example would be if you had a boss, you build class points to change to a class that has status crippling. and then you switch back to a burst class. it's designed to allow players to compile their own strategies.

I hope that helps a little.

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think of the charsets.

super long mega friendship post

kentona owns a website but cannot use amazon. thoughts?

super long mega friendship post

tell yo friends tell yo wife.

no seriously dude, if you know wip, show him that. i know that dude has an endless wallet.

super long mega friendship post

tell yo friends tell yo wife.

no seriously dude, if you know wip, show him that. i know that dude has an endless wallet.