WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally



Valera featured in RM VX Ace trailer

lol man. how cool would it look like if it was just, all unique content. i dont mean anything about your game personally, i just thought that the whole time while watching it.

do you get anything from having your game in this btw? or is it just "whew i got in a video game trailer for other people to make a ton of money with. i'm relieved"

cool trailer from a design perspective though. or whoever edited it.

-tries to make rtp as cool as possible-

ps: it's kind of funny dude, like, you can't tell there are 5 different games. it looks like just, one long game, w various scenes.

9/24 - 10/5 Progress Report

A Reason for Arts

i suggest picking up spriting or doing hand drawn backgrounds to compliment your art style.

before you say "lol idk h2 sprite". i didn't either. takes photoshop, careful observation of certain pixel styles and simply practice.

once you get the ropes, it opens a whole new world for you to explore, along with your art.

The Hunt for Stats October

What are both FF:BP and FF:Discovery doing that my in-depth game mechanic dissection blogs get 0-1 replies and FF:Discovery putting a picture of a new windowskin up gets 15 or something

Just had a very emotional experience.

this game is really bad btw.

Leo & Leah: A Love Story

i agree with ciel. what i do not agree with is his harsh words toward the beloved konjak.

More NEW Abilities

listen to me talk about vidja games!

please god let my computer handle better quality vidcons

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

Why rm2k3 is terrible for action games

yeah dude, i agree with you darken. even as an infant user in a rm program you will understand the various limits.

gw days carius and co would breach the rm scene with various new challenges and i thought it was pretty interesting. but ya, basically this though dude:

All you 5 rm2k3 users please take note!

rm is great for basic design, but coding, gm, and construct is probably the way to go.