WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally



[RMVX ACE] Are there any games without those horrid default sprites?

ur request for original content is denied.

Going commercial, when and why?

hyper light drifter is visually stimulating to children who just figured out how to open mspaint.

icnt tell the difference both bleed into each other like a perfectly layered tileset.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

*tips fedora to nessiah*

Father: Monster Making Event

idk maybe im a dick

yeah, probably.

Shadows of Adam

dude. its bee n so fkn long since i actually "followed" a project on rmn that i can not find the tab to do so!

the swamp image is bonkers! thank you. i needed that.

[RMN Drama] The guy who made the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest remake is trying to sell it

looks good. put it up on the fron t page.

What happened to Gaming World?

bart stopped caring about the site bc he got a life/laid and other people tried to keep the site going and it died. shifting priorities from rm to indie was a trivial part in the place dying.

it's best t o disregard anything lockez says.

Is there no way to do so anymore?

drule had all of the data history and it was eventually purged. sorry its all gone bro. keep da memories alive in ur hrt.

2014 Misaos - The RESULTATIONS

im glad a 2k3 game leveled the misaos. maybe u can reflect off that.

thank u oneshot for keeping the draemp alive

A Blurred Line (Remake)

Should really make something that is your own. The cool indoor tile perspective you have going on has lots of personality and promise. Leave ABL as it is.

it's rmn.

dookie has at least made original stuff before this. not sure where the lazy comments are coming from considering this entire website is built off using lifted resources, fangames, or rtp.

fun way to improve my pixel art

that's an interesting perspective, dude. if it helps more power to you, buddy. this would have been shaking the heavens in 04.

2014 Misaos - The RESULTATIONS

fkin misaos!!! i love em!!! givem eall misaos