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want to update gamepage. haven't since wip owned site. help from css nerds appreciated..

i've won misaos btw.(pm me if you want to halp/answer several infant questions)

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

Like this?

Certainly can be done!

What else? Don't be afraid to tell us all of your ideas, we might not be able to implement them all, but that doesn't mean we won't consider it!

yeah, this is good. would like to see an ability to hide blog posts on rmn as well(not sure if this is a thing) so i can write stuff and come back to it later.

but something like what you posted would make me very happy in allowing people to stay connected without having to be on rmn 24/7 and spam the website with really shitty blog posts(ate pinecone+added chipset)

rmn community can click the gamepage and see whats going on without having to travel to several sites because of devs preference.

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

yeah, well i mean something under the 4 screenshots that would show maybe recent tweets. i see share links, and they do pretty much nothing. i meant something where people can check the page and see whats happening outside of rmn without having to actually check twitter.

it's just something i would personally like to see. probably explained that badly. if that's a feature already, great. sorry for the useless post for suggesting.

not that big of a deal.

ps: be cool to see the rmn twitter updated. maybe have a reason to follow it. @rpgmaker ยท Mar 5

carry on, rmn.

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

was interested in seeing maybe twitter feed put into gamepages somewhere to bridge the gap between fans. lot of people i know dont have twitter and thats cool, and i do not want to really make trivial updates through blog updates(think its retarded)

i hate twitter, but it became mandatory when you work on games.

there are other things i'd like to see, but i think that is more reserved for just creating webpage for vidcon.

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

working on a commercial project called octopus city blues, got big signal boost from major game devs through twitter. not trying to be that guy, but yeah it's kind of a big deal(in terms of promo). several other devs getting big boost through twitter. i think you're undermining the ability to communicate with people outside of rm.

i understand those concerns, but like i said i would like to see if there are any plans to attract/keep people because i have seen a lot of good devs split which is a shame. won't discuss reasons/make list because thats immature/doesn't add anything to the topic.

wasn't trying to make premium a focus point(just incentive to put money into website), been trying to think of ways to bring up this topic for a while now. i told WIP i would chill here until he lost his virginity, but...

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

what is this website going to offer in the future to keep devs here? i really enjoy the blog feature, but there are just better outlets for your projects: tumblr, twitter, tigsource etc.

like, i try to stick around because of the history with rm, but yea. i would be interested in some kind of premium you could pay for a more personalized page for your game.

just a general question if this kind of thing is on your radar.

RPG 20XX Engine

can you transfer your 2k3 game to this? i remember talk of that being a thing a long time ago.

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gl bro. was talking about you with nessiah not too long ago. funny you should appear from the darkness.........

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

no, not at all. like i said in my blog, i'm taking careful consideration to the feedback that people give me in order to alter the game so people get a better experience in the future.

rmn is the perfect tool to get unbiased feedback.

i am being 100% serious.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

Demo was intense! I could barely keep my eyes open!

yeah. i've taken steps in the next build to drop a lot of text and give people more to explore. rmn is a good website to establish what errors the game suffers without being biased.