WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally



Let's Play Rainbow Nightmare Libra Intro (Part 1)

i appreciate you going through and critiquing what i posted. when i'm building stuff, especially custom content i will miss really obvious errors in design.

i'll be sure to rollback a lot of the text and introduce more chances for people to just walk around and explore.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

my bro ghost trolled ya'll hard. got fat cash, then left ur mum with the bag. stay mad m8s.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

dude was a fraud from the start. it's so delicious to see all these derps who backed him feel entitled or shocked because they spent 20k on 2 mockups rotating in a video.

ghost is and always will be, just some poser who is too lazy and uncreative to produce anything, even with financial backing. the best part is him trying to blame the artist and the music guy. too much of a coward to take the blame. what a scumlord.

he should probably stick with rtp games, that is probably within his creative range.

you'll get a kick out of this, de.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

i did not see this coming. i am very shocked. it must be a mistake.......................................................

give it a signal boost.


yeah, i think it's hilarious because it's true. he's a fraud and he knows it(you know it too), i wouldn't even say anything if i didn't have some grounds for it. i guess i should pat him on the back like you do.

keep circle jerking, bro. i am awful for exploiting a dirtbag. i think i am going to go cry. how will i ever sleep at night. your words cut so deep, i ... -gulp-



I still support them but idk, $55,000 on Indiegogo? It doesn't really look like they did their research!

yes, because a guy who commits fraud on kickstarter has credible opinions. remember guys, if you want to game a bunch of humans commission 2 mockups and art in a month. long live fraudfall!

ghosts idea of research is scamming people with fake content. he's an inspiration to us all.

Looking Back: Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven

rue is cool. i'm a big fan of his game. i heard he's writing a book or something now. god speed old friend...............

Ruins of Rydos

idk why you're getting so worked up about this? it's really not a huge thing. it's a slime.

It is. Commercial tabbed projects should get slammed if there is a valid reason for it.

And We're Back!

yeah, i think generally people can look at a project if they follow game design for an x number of years you instantly understand just by how a game is formulated if there is honest work and effort involved. don't need to prove anything old friend.

pretty crazy dude, seeing you work off and on throughout gw history and finally finished a commercial video game after it has expired. it's kind of cool and sad at the same time because so many cool dudes with great ideas came from that place and now they're all scattered.

i'm actually kind of curious as to what you have planned after this game, though.

Hand Drawn/Painted Tilesets

stew got taken fo a ride.