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So how long does it normally take you guys to sprite a rpg maker character?

higher resolution characters take a long time. lower resolution (practical) designs take about an hour.

RTP at such large resolution seems like such a terrible learning curve. but people love them so what can you do.

Feature, Podcast and Kickstarter Updates

hey buddy, grats on making it to 100%. it was getting pretty close. i am shocked the art alone didn't generate way more than that. but still, at least you got the original budget.

Barkley 2 Kickstarter

Barkley 2 Kickstarter

Hey dudes. I was considering posting this on my RMN blog, but I think this has more traffic so, yeah Barkley 2 is running a Kickstarter. I don't want to say too much, but anyone from GW knows most of these dudes like Chef, Konix, Bort, Frankie, etc. This game concept originated from an RM community.

Game looks really really good. A lot of people on RMN kind of miss games for whatever reason. Plus I want to spread the word. There is a lot of great content on the Kickstarter so far, so don't take much from this post, it's just a small bit.

To put a different perspective on this. It's an example of community and dev growth. Barkley 1 started out in Rpgmaker2003. It went from GM, game was released and here we have the second game. It looks really good. Rm is a good stepping stone, only limited to your creativity.

I'm very happy for these guys, because they put the work in, they aren't trying to steal money from people, and they're creating something unique. This is an example of Kickstarter being used for good. So if you know people, or want to support the game the link is there for you guys. WAT DEW.

Commercial gams - a philosophical & practicality debate

i think commercial games expanding beyond a small community ultimately helps generate new interest in the program. if something like heroes realm was commercialized for ace with nice graphics, got hollywood, it allows a new group of people to come in and find interesting games.

They come to this website and get to find games to play. If you play an exceptionally interesting project you want to find the source where it originated. Like WIP was saying, bringing in people who expand the idea of RM outside of the community is helping you bring new users in.


I agree, I understand why this would concern you. I think it comes down to quality control for the people who run this website. Ultimately I think there is room for people creating content as a hobby and a open space for people who need to create content for a small profit, so they can ultimately make more stuff. I mean, it blows but that's how the world works.

If I could be a teen again and make freeware vidcons all day like the gw days I would. Should artists work for free? Well, I think in an ideal society probably. I know I would.

The way I see it is, I'd rather pay someone like badluck 5 dollars for a game to help him continue to do what he does, instead of not supporting him and just let him vanish into obscurity.

I think that is getting off topic, but yeah.

You're right in a lot of ways though, dude. There are people out there if they get the chance will instantly manipulate it and try to use it for their personal gain. I've seen it first hand.

Commercial gams - a philosophical & practicality debate

wip would have wanted it this way....................


Minigame Video!

yeah, i was watching these. you do some pretty crazy stuff.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

don't worry you'll be up there soon enough. infact, you could very well be the king.
so how's your battle system coming? i heard it's one of the things funding will help make. clicking events is a costly process

i am going to commit fraud instead. it's a lot easier than making stuff. hopefully people will support this act.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

don't worry you'll be up there soon enough. infact, you could very well be the king.

Commercial gams - a philosophical & practicality debate

i'll be talking about this in a couple days, but i want to say that rmn is a very small platform(not dissing). i do not think it would ultimately change anything. rmn is weird about trivial changes, but like i said, i don't think this will effect many people.

i want to share some interesting statistics(later) for people that might be useful if they want to actually take a step further in game design.

but yeah, i think it would be good if you do this that the staff at rmn or whatever, establish gameplay, demo, video or whatever before they're allowed to post a commercialized project or wip. i'm seeing too many people committing scams and fraud and it's really disgusting.

that would be my biggest concern is to not let people scam your community. that should be a priority. or at least do everything you can to weed out people who just want to manipulate the community for profit.

if you do this, that is something you really need to look into. the last thing you want are people in your community running these bunk games and having others think it's real. and yeah, ultimately it destroys the perception of what people think outside the community. that's bad.

speaking from someone who is trying to get a game commercialized, if you did this or not i don't think it would effect me because like i said, it's a platform. it doesn't really change much.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

i remember neo showing a screenshot of the battle code once and it was literally 300 pages of events. it was pretty bonkers.