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Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

well, i think neo is still working on his game. like, it's still a work in progress so i would not consider it vaporware. fact is people still enjoyed when he posted content on the gw screenshot threads.

i didn't like badluck much but i always respected his work. he is a good designer. he makes enjoyable stuff. he put the work into it, and is a reliable creator. i don't know much about the dude last i heard he wanted to make a shmup.

people give inoran a lot of shit. i remember brandon abley blasting him once for having like, no game. it was pretty hilarious. i don't blame him though. to be fair when i first saw the trailer he did it was pretty inspiring. i mean, even if the game didn't exist the amount of work invested in the trailer is enough for me.

i think it's weird how stuff becomes vaporware simply because effort is inserted into the formula. vaporware, sure, but guys like that set the standard for a lot of people to base quality off of. myself included.

i'd like to think people are a lot wiser to know whats fake or not (yeah right)

Comparisons between this and original

the new stuff is good because it feels more personal. but yeah, the original didn't look bad at all. it's just really improved now though, imo.

Wine & Roses Review

An approachable Crazegame? Time to download this.

ps: is there any way to play this at full screen?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

uh what is this made in? it's really fluid.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

This artwork is gorgeous but I'm seeing the same issue here I saw with Rainbow Nightmare: where's the game?

I respect your opinion, dude, but I would appreciate it if you didn't bunch up my own game that has actual gameplay vs 3 mockups and literal vaporware. It's incredibly insulting to the work I've done. Thanks.

The best thing about this product is it's been showing the same three screenshots for a year.

Publishers accused of trying to exploit Kickstarter

New Trailer Plus Kickstarter

I posted the link on my blog. I love your art, and I hope it does well. Honestly, that is the only reason I played the game was because the art was very exceptional and expressive.

Hopefully I'll be able to donate before it ends. It might sky rocket, who is to say. Goodluck my friend, I wish you the best.

I'd post the KS on the forums in videogames on RMN, because that's probably where a lot of the traffic is. It couldn't hurt.

Cyralis the Deceiver ~ Battle Video

i have to admit, the enemy expanding like that looks pretty cool.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

more games need libra. fact.
(also, thank you. this is really cool of you. i remember when craze had a character i made in one of his games 100 years ago)

super long mega friendship post

Well, it's fair game. It's just honestly not a valid concern on any level. People who have usually had concerns so far have had something to back it up or at least made sense. If I made well over the budget I had set, sure why not? But that isn't the case, nor is it going to happen. It's not like RN: Libra is any kind of KS grand slam. Totally opposite.

I really wouldn't want it filtered into just random x project if I did either. I think he means like, I haven't "personally" backed any games. I mean, if I find one that looks rad, sure....

Asking for several small sums on a Kickstarter is taking money from peoples wallets. Like I said in the earlier post though, if the game gets funded I am going to be giving back in my own way rest assured. But let's be honest here, it's not going to make it, so I don't really see the concern. Dems da facts.

With that being said, I did have plans to promote other games in my own way if the KS were to succeed. I would love to help other people get their foot in the door, but I cannot do that while I am in the same position. It's just, you aren't proving any kind of valid concern and it's just kind of random.