WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally




yeah, i am going to re-design her to have black lipstick. it's just too much of an improvement not to. i like dragol's art a lot. there are serious pieces and cartoony pieces. dem mad skills.

October Review Raffle Winners!

plz fix ur mapping. don't let the 3tile rule die.

super long mega friendship post

Thank you for giving back. I'm relieved.

super long mega friendship post

super long mega friendship post

Yeah, dude. I don't know how to break this to you, but there are people on Kickstarter who use the website to compile a budget. So yes, mine are like those. Designers trying to get a budget to finish a game. Shocking, right?

Yeah, I am serious. If I weren't serious I wouldn't run a Kickstarter. Lead an example? I can't lead anything if I don't have a budget to finish the game. Rewards are available for the people who choose to donate. And I can admit, they aren't very good, but that is simply because I'm promising stuff I can offer realistically (lol dont worry u'll get a car if u donate brah)to the cool dudes who decide to throw a few bucks in the pile.

How is that not giving back? People are being rewarded for helping.

I'm not leading the way to anything. I'm trying to compile a budget to finish a video game that in my opinion is unique and a little different from your run-of-the-mill-rm-game trying to make 50k for nothing. Something different that was established in the rm community is a good thing. I am not pixel Jesus, I don't want to be.

I'm sorry if you think I'm giving a bad example by producing a legitimate project compiled from hard work and time. I apologize to the people of planet earth because I probably wouldn't fund any RPG on Kickstarter in the first place. The only projects RPG themed that I've seen that actually had effort involved all failed.

If I had tons of money I wouldn't need a Kickstarter, dude. Like, I do not understand how the average human being can't grasp that concept. It's really weird that you expect more from me. Believe it or not, this helps the community in general.

With that being said, I did have plans to promote other games in my own way if the KS were to succeed. I would love to help other people get their foot in the door, but I cannot do that while I am in the same position. It's just, you aren't proving any kind of valid concern and it's just kind of random.

With 12 days left at 2k, I wouldn't be too concerned with the project tbh.

super long mega friendship post

yes? would you like me to link the 50000000infinite people who are also doing that? i'm not really understanding your comment. can you go into detail maybe? i know it's cool to post one liners, but...

super long mega friendship post

thanks buddy. i strive to create content like:

people wonder why my art and coloring style is so bad. well, i grew up on shows like this(which was a comic, but i don't like comics so)...

super long mega friendship post

RN: Libra on indie games|

i've also lowered rewards to snatch up some cheddah.

17% so far. let us all take a moment and pray to the vidcon gods for a miracle.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

i don't think large images really hurt high resolution graphics. idk, i think if it was like 8bit it would be pretty awkward, but it's fine in this format.

I'm Now A Father

i have given birth to several charsets. i am a very proud parent.