What about no?
What's wrong dear, had a bad dream?




Cutting off the character's head looks really awkward. If it's being done on purpose for symbolic reasons, it's not obvious - doing so in a way other than cropping it right at the edge of the screen would be better. For example, fading to white starting at her neck.

The removal of her face combined with the newsprint effect makes me think of a lost memory, like the character has been erased from history. Is that the intended effect?

Yes cutting it off was on purpose, but not really entirely 'symbolic reasons' the truth is I had originally made a full picture for the title but I forgot to fit it to the full resolution for RPG Maker VX Ace. And if I had cut it off anywhere else, I mean even according to your suggestions it didn't give the effect that I really wanted.

And yes, I guess you could say that. More as the games protagonist Aurora and the game itself revolves sometimes around stories and books. Thusly the burning pages effect.But, some of what you say is true, I did mean for it to give some one more of that idea. So, I'm glad someone caught that.

5 Little Lights

Cute game, would've really liked original sprites and character portraits just for the extra feel of the game itself, but other than that very very nice job


It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib, Mad father and the abstract game Yume Nikki.
Ib and first and foremost Yume Nikki are some of my favorite RPG Maker games so I'm pretty excited for this. Especially that sound will have an important role in this game appeals to me. So make sure that you get a decent composer for this game or I'll never forgive you °^°

I don't get why some developers of RPG Maker games want voice acting in their game all of a sudden though. Maybe I'm just too old school.

XD I love IB and Yume Nikki to, as you probably could have guessed, and don't worry our composer (in my opinion) is amazing.

And, yes true voice acting is a bit odd in RPG maker games, but what I mean is really just little sound effects like gasps and screams from our dear other male protagonist (shhhh classified info) as Aurora is really just silent. Of course there will be some jumbled speaking, sometimes followed by high or low frequency static, to add some clues to the plot points of the game and a small poem that's read more inaudiably during the GAME OVER screen.

I'm sorry if this reply didn't make any sense, but I'm just so happy when people comment on my game I felt I should try to reply to them all.

[RMVX ACE] Translation Scripting HELP

What do you mean by load files?

I mean the save files, as of right now since I changed the font and the hirigana didn't register they look like this

[RMVX ACE] Translation Scripting HELP

Alright, when I bought my RPG MAKER VX ACE, for me it came in Japanese, so the load files where in Japanese, the object names, everything really. I can read everything just fine, but I decided to translate everything due to the fact that some people's computers might not be able to read the Hirigana and will screw up the text, I've translated everything, but the load files, I've been able to edit their names before in script but for some reason I can find the proper place of which I'm supposed to re-name them. If you do know how to re-name the load files, I would appreciate you're assistance, please and thankyou~
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