Hey everybody. My name is Tamryn and I came to this site by accident. I love RPGS in general especially Dragon Quest! I'm into modeling and playing sports but I still eat like a fatty:D I'm no good with this site right now but hopefully I get better. Life is good when it wants to be.



Dragon Quest +: Battle System Shift

Seems cool I hope you're able to do it Ljink. Any plans on a demo?


They look fine to me and after all they are sketches. The one on the right reminds me of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist:P

Dragon Quest +

Hiya, just wondering how the game is going. I'm really looking forward to the time when this game is complete and so is my brother. I saw the release date is set for late 2014, that's quite a long wait especially since the demo seemed complete to me. What's adding all that time? Sorry if I seem a bit impatient.


This is that cave between Kol and Rimuldar correct? Just wondering if you made it different because I still see that green dragon. Nonetheless, it's a great screen.


Even though it wasn't that great, the secret bases from Pokemon were a neat little addition. I hope you'll expand on this idea. It'll be neat whichever way you go with but I just don't want a rehash of the secret bases.

Chance to appear as a cameo character!

You got it! Is Squiz the Kingsquid monster or is it Hoodsquid?



I liked that monster.
I would like for me to have
Name: Tamryn
Monster Team: Green Dragon, Sky Dragon, SlimeDrak
Spells: Firevolt specifically

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Love the look and style of the game. I played the heck out of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. Good work:D

Dragon Questionnaire II

Gave my thoughts on DD as well.

1.) Yes, that would be awesome!

2.)Love the menu system from DQ3 and up.


4.)Think it's from DQ6's slime mini game like Jamiras said.

5.)YES, I mean look at these screenshots!

Got a bit carried away there...

6.)I actually prefer 3 save files.

7.)Not really

8.)Don't care, as long as it's beneficial.

9.)Grind my butt off. I get gold and exp.

10.)Slime race is fun. I'm all for it.


I could comment on all of these screenshots but I won't. Specifically because I hate charlock with a passion. It looks really colorful and flourishing.


I love it, something that's not necessarily needed but a nice touch for this game would be the world map. Some tiles look a bit cut off though.
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