If you're wondering where the vids went check my status.
The Last King of Hyrule
A community SMBX game focusing on the adventures of Link



Thank you everyone

Good for you Wheelman! You deserve it! I can't wait to get back to this game, I had to stop at the worst possible time: Any time. Can't wait until when you get a Misao or 4!

Update: Umbral Soul Reverse

Must... Resist... Urge... to.. Flash Meme...

Oh i'm not Pandora at all... Some would say, I ' M T H E R E V E R S E

Ugh Sorry wheelman, I couldn't resist... Anyhoo, looks amazing! Question though, Do we have to get to a certain point in the main game to access reverse? Or is it available from the beginning?

Looking forward to it either way, even if it does mean I have to replay the main game in my downtime, in fact, that sounds fun! Though with the personal stuff that's come up for me This might be out before i'm back to recording

Tumbling Apart has been greenlit! Thank you so much for the support!

Glad you got it in before Greenlight goes the way of the Blemflark!

Ultimate Edition in Production

I Think I will wait for Ultimate then, I want to LP this, and replaying does not look good in that circumstance, so I'll just go for the full experience of this already awesome game.

Ultimate Edition in Production

Would You Recommend I Wait For This Version to play the Game, or is it going to be possible to upgrade and keep my save file?

Tumbling Apart- Details, features, and mechanics

I knew it! So is the lightbulb ending good or bad? Did that lightbulb make Isaac into Super Neo Mecha Stanly?

All jokes aside the game looks thoroughly interesting, and it sounds like the "Butterfly Effects" will be more realistic than some of the cheap tricks some time travel games pull. Looking forward to the release!

Strictly For Commercial

The year 2099

So just one Year after the release of Yandere Sim and 5 before the release of Half-Life 3 then. Sounds like a good block of games.
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