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The Last King of Hyrule
A community SMBX game focusing on the adventures of Link



Umbral Soul

Just Got past the end of the Abandoned Fortress in my playthrough... I'm Begining to realize just how under leveled I am...

Umbral Soul

I haven't finished the game yet so this may be a ridiculous idea, but I think Pandora might still be the Protag for the sequel... Of course that all depends on the ending(I.E If she dies), so who knows how valid this may be! No matter what I'm on board... Unless you suddenly regress to the intellect of a five-year-old...

Also, my next 3 episodes may have some... Embellishments that will cause extreme cringe to anyone who has already played the game... Sorry in advance.

Umbral Soul

Hey Wheelman Slight Early Game Spoilery question.

What Level do you recommend for the first fight with Alicia? And What Summon do you recommend using? I got my butt kicked in the Vid I'm gonna post Friday, here are my party levels;
-Pandora Lvl 6
-Draco(nus) Lvl 6
-Chimera Lvl 1
-Lanith Lvl 1
I know I'm probably gonna have to grind a bit, but I don't want to overlevel.

Anyhoo Loving the game so far, looking forward to recording more of it this weekend!

Umbral Soul

As promised here is my first episode:

I'll link to my LP Page for this once it is approved.

Umbral Soul

To be fair, english is a pretty difficult language to master, and learning another language itself is pretty challenging. Even if someone's grasp on english isn't the strongest, I'm always impressed by people who have the ability to understand more than one language.
Same, ESPECIALLY if it's English, I mean I honestly think if I weren't raised in a primary English speaker I'd probably refuse to learn it based on principal, it's like a hodgepodge of the most confusing parts of every language.

Umbral Soul

P.S. Tangled Lion- Everything you do is garbage, huh? "The Last King of Hyrule" and its three reviews would like to have a word with you.

Except for the fact that the only levels I made for that were heavily edited to not suck... I appreciate the attempt however.

Umbral Soul

So Far I've recorded 3 half hour episodes which, if all goes to plan will be up sometime on Monday Wednesday and Friday This Week. Only downside is I practically destroyed my throat making all the voices... Here's hoping the second LP of your game doesn't totally suck!

Side Note, If you really thought people wouldn't enjoy the crap out of your game then your self-esteem must be lower than mine, and I think Everything I do is garbage...

Umbral Soul

I know I said I'd wait for the Ultimate edition to play this but I feel like I'm Missing out... SCREW IT! IMPATIENCE IS ONE OF MY FLAWS! *Clicks Download!*

I Gotta try this...

Umbral Soul

You'll be playing as heroes in the sequel

Still avoiding spoilers for the most part but this caught my eye, sounds like this will be a blast as a franchise...

Tumbling Apart

10/5 Brapples, would do the timewarp again. LP Should be up later today and media page should be up when it is approved.
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