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Deleting every let's play I ever made, not how I imagined coming back to RMN....

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of options here I have not considered, especially since I don't care about monetizing, one such option being to age restrict my vids so that there is no way a kid CAN accidentally view them. This is great for my RMN World LP, not so much for the vids I already deleted in a panic of Anxiety yesterday... I will admit I probably have overreacted to this personally, especially as the FTC has actually extended thier timeframe for accepting comments on the whole issue due to the response they've received thus far.

And if you're actually worried - just mark them as not intended for children? This is like the definition of a overreaction to a non-problem.

See, the fine is FOR the FTC deciding that you marked a vid Not For Kids when they feel the opposite is true, and they have gone on record saying they fully intend to fine individual creators.

Deleting every let's play I ever made, not how I imagined coming back to RMN....

Well to be fair, it's not actually YT's rules, it's the US Government, specifically the FTC. And they have made it clear that they both can and are willing to fine individual users over this, with 42k per vid being the minimum fine. If I have the files and things work out I'll definitely reupload. As I said, I'm making an effort to save RMN World if only for my own eyes, and it seems that I happen to have the entirety of Umbral Soul still. And yeah, I hope I'm overreacting too, I just don't want to take chances with guidelines that seem to think that the mere presence of animated characters automatically makes something for kids.

Deleting every let's play I ever made, not how I imagined coming back to RMN....

If you are reading this it means you are one of the folx that enjoyed the stuff I made, so I'm sorry to say that I Unlisted everything as of November 20th 2019 with plans to delete everything by the new year. The stuff regarding COPPA is so vaguely worded that I'm not taking any chances on it, especially since my stuff started off with the intent to be Family Friendly and only became more grey as time went on. So since YT is prompting me to mark stuff even though I've never even tried to monetize my content, I'm worried about getting a 42K fine that I can't even come close to paying, I already am paying 600 a month in Student Loans. I'll be downloading Super RMN World for the sake of memories, but beyond that everything else must go. It was fun at the moment, and maybe I'll come back at some point and actually stick with it, but for now, it's over.

For what it's worth, making dumb vids for ya'll was one of my favorite things when I was doing it...


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