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The Last King of Hyrule
A community SMBX game focusing on the adventures of Link



Operation Kentonfall (kentona steps down)

Well kentona, just know that you were the Best Admin of any site I've ever seen, I wish you the best!

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

This Saturday October 15th @3:30 EST I Will Be Live streaming This On My Twitch Channel
I'll be Putting it up on Youtube Afterword(Albeit in an Edited State) So I'll At Least try to finish the 3 levels I Usually Do for an episode even If nobody shows up. That being said, if anyone is enjoying the Stream I'll probably be more than happy to continue past that! It all depends on Reception.

The stream itself will probably be live 10-15 Minutes before then so that I have a Buffer to set things up(It is my first Stream) During that time I'll have some Music Playing in the Background(No Sandstorm I Promise) so Feel Free to stop by If you want to make sure you don't miss anything, but I Promise I won't actually start until the time I've posted here.

I've wanted to try out Live Streaming for a little while now and I really think SMBX is a Perfect fit for it, so If you can, come on down and tell me how much I suck at this!

Hero's Realm

Little Late On the News of this going commercial. First of all Congratulations! I'm Glad you'll Finally be getting something out of this massive labor of love you made here, And I'm looking forward to playing the Commercial version as soon as you are finished with it.Right after the release of Half-Life 3

But Anyway Here's to hoping Pewdiepie or somebody else almost as Popular finds it when you put it on steam, And you soon begin to swim in Cash! You deserve it.

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

Praise Be Windows 7 Compatibility mode! I can Play SMBX Again!

EDIT: This means part 13 is out...

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

I think we Learned a couple valuable lessons this game:
1. Never underestimate a New Player, Ozzy ALMOST kicked town's collective Butt!
2. The Wheel of Lynch voting should be trusted, its word is law.
3. TangledLion Is Never Scum, and never makes it past night one...

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

#cancelI have a quick thing to say

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

either way, he's not on town's side and is not working towards town's agenda. we don't know what his win condition is and have no reason to trust anything he says about it. this is the best d1 lynch we're gonna get.
Where did I say I wasn't working towards town's agenda? I said "I'm working towards my own ends." specifically to leave the information vague. I could be on town or scum's side.

But you said yourself in Spy Vs., someone who can choose their side is dangerous to both. I'm sorry to say this,(Since it perpetuates the "Kill Ratty" trend) but you are our best possible lynch bet right now. Also to be fair I don't trust cave either, and to reiterate this WHOEVER CAN INVESTIGATE, USE IT ON CAVE, BEING SO ACCURATE WITH REALLY NO SOURCE IS PRETTY SKETCHY I just want to make sure It's seen...

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

We don't know that he's actually independent.

My fake claim said that he was 'not town,' so it leaves open the option of scum fakeclaiming third-party, knowing that the actual third-party isn't going to counterclaim.

either way, he's not on town's side and is not working towards town's agenda. we don't know what his win condition is and have no reason to trust anything he says about it. this is the best d1 lynch we're gonna get.
This is also a good point, however I wonder how you knew, as you are no longer fakeclaiming cop. I'd say to the real cop/seer(Whoever you are) investigate Cave tonight...

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

I have nothing to counter with, no. But I refuse to bandwagon on a claim.

If Independant stays alive until the end, does Town and Mafia lose?

If they are SK though their Win condition Is "Kill Everyone"

I only Voted nolynch because of lack of a valid target, but...

#lynch Ratty

If We find a credible Scum Target, I'll change my vote.

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

Dudes, I haven't fakeclaimed once since I've started playing here again.