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The Last King of Hyrule
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TangledLion Plays Umbral Soul

I bet it did, I would say I learned a valuable lesson about keeping away from the "F" keys, but knowing my ADHD brain's innate desire to figgate with things that probably isn't gonna be learned...

Also Lanith's healing skill definitely surprised me, reading the description I thought it was more an emergency thing, rather than being possibly the best source of heals... Besides Gloom Crystals of course, which I keep using my healing items just before encountering.

TangledLion Plays Umbral Soul

Ha ha Yeah My Luck is kinda like that, that won't be the last time I do something on that level of stupidity, I.E. Episode 5's Ending! Which is posted now...

Also the difference I was referring to in this batch is that 4 5 and 6 are all over 45 minutes, but for some reason I decided to be all dumb and cryptic about it. The decrease of silly voices is just a necessity unfortunately as My throat was utterly destroyed after the first recording session.

But yeah, the ending of episode 5... Unbelievable...

TangledLion Plays Umbral Soul

Late start this week due to craziness, but 4 is up now.

I should have 5 up on Thursday and 6 up on Friday to make sure I still get out 3...

Also I think there is something different about these episodes but I can't remember what... Oh well, maybe you can figure it out by watching... ;)

Tangledlion's Super RMN World Let's Play(Complete)

Sorry it's Late, but Here is Episode 22. It will be the only one this week guys because I was not satisfied with the commentary in the rest of the stuff I recorded.

Also I Was a little too hard on the second level in this episode, I explain briefly at the end...

Invitation to Mafia Championship

You know, when I said that, I had no clue it'd become an RMN meme.

Thank you for that, It is one of the pillars of the community.

Also good luck representing us! May you not pull a TangledLion and die before the second day! That Guy's such a friggin Noob... Wait... No that's fair.

Invitation to Mafia Championship

Just seeing this now, And I agree we should send piano if we want to win... Though if we want to confuse/annoy the entire interwebs LockeZ would also be fun, for evidence I present his user title:
author=LockeZ's uzer title
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.

I Rest my case...
But Yeah Piano is probably best...

Tumbling Apart has been greenlit! Thank you so much for the support!

Glad you got it in before Greenlight goes the way of the Blemflark!

What are you thinking about right now?

I Have a video with over 500 views on my youtube channel, Unfortunately it is unlisted and it's just me helping out some random guy on reddit that got his content stolen.

TangledLion Plays Umbral Soul

Fool! You don't learn alchemy until level 75! When you do, be sure to taste test everything you find regardless of whether or not it's actually fit for human consumption. Oh, and farm giant's toes like there's no tomorrow.

Ha! You weren't kidding about those mispronunciations! I found that hilarious though, so I'm not going to tell you how to pronounce them. Demented circus clown Lanith: Best Voice 10/10.

Well Don't get too attached as I did realize the right ways and have since drilled them into my head. The root of my problem Is I learned to read through guessing at words as a kid, so as a result even though I fully know HOW to sound a word out it doesn't occur to me half the time, so I still Guess.

I am Glad you are enjoying my LP as much as I am enjoying your game!

TangledLion Plays Umbral Soul

Episode 3 is up!