I'm Taomi! I'm 20 years old and I'm still pretty much a newbie in this game-making thing!
I like languages, k-pop, making stories up, and the color pink!

I really hope you like my games! ❤️️
Eye Disappearing City
A city with an always watching eye.



Eye Disappearing City

This looks hella cool! Can't wait for it to finish downloading so I can play it~

Thanks a lot!! I really hope you liked it!

[RM2K3] Hero won't use skills?

So, I have a game with multiple heroes (9 actually!) And all of them can use skills just right, except for one!
No matter what I do, all of her skills appear in grey! (aka; non-usable)

There's no actual type-mechanism in my game... (no "super effective moves", or "non-effective")
I've checked on the other characters that do work, but nothing seems different or out of usual...
Please help me!
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