Love drawing and making game with weird English.

I also open commission HERE
Feel free to contact me. :)
Flower of Wish
A goddess flower that has been said whoever find her, can ask for one wish.


[RMVXACE] Is it possible to combine projects in installer and export just one?

Hello everyone. I have some big problem and need smart people like you to help me.

I am working a game with multiple languages English, Japanese, Thai.
I trying to use this script Language File System but I can't because variety reasons.

Rpgmaker is not support Thai language I have to write other script to make it happen. Each language have different font and different size to match with graphic to make it easy to read.

Currently, I am creating 3 projects for each language BUT I have no idea how to combine them or Put them in one installer and let the player choose a language before install a game? I don't want to post 3 same games at once, not cool man.

I don't know.. help me please, any idea? If what I am asking for is very hard things to do and I should pay, please let me know.

Sample of working project:

[RMVX ACE] How to stop all event when world travel?

I think I fixed everything please delete this thread.

Noob Lv.1 here and wanna say Hi!

Hello everyone. I'm Tar and it's nice to meet you all.

I joined RMN for a while now but don't have a chance to introduce myself here because my English was so bad. Now my English is better and I think can communicate with people now here now. It's still weird grammar I know, but you guys understand me anyway so I guess that's all right. XD

I also play some games here as well. I am so impress the effort of people here and that's inspired me. I am an artist though less knowledge of coding and such but I will try to learn from here and wanna be friend with everyone.


Hello I'm TarBananakis or call me just Tar. (✪‿✪)ノ
I'm an anime-manga digital artist and love playing game. Hopefully I will get a chance on RPG Maker game development related.
Please don't hesitate to PM me if you're interest on my work. I wish that my job will give happy to you.



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