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Been a hot minute! Still kicking, throwing the feelers out there to see if anyone needs some compositions for their game/s. Versatile in several styles, but willing to work outside the bounds of normalcy. So shoot me a message! Larger projects preferred, but a small one is also fine.

A few samples of some recently finished things. Remasters, because I am a glutton for eternal punishment:

Cerulean Waters

When I Die

RMN Music Pack

Late season, I suppose. I probably wouldn't say no to a request, but otherwise I expect it'll be pretty quiet until the deadline approaches again.

RMN Music Pack

One would hope not. Perhaps all the blank entrants are simply waiting until the deadline to bulk upload all of their finished pieces! That is my best guess, unless they have otherwise decided not to upload anything at all, which would be unfortunate :(

Vacant Sky Complete Edition: Act II+ Now Available

1. revenge doesn't do bonus damage in counter mode.
2. none of the techniques are outdamaging normal attacks.
3. ravage isnt gaining power at all.
4. counter is still bugged. sometimes if you kill an enemy with counter, it skips the enemy phase.

With this and all the other things Selius has found, I think we know who to have as a beta tester in Act III+ :P

Throw money at him if you have to Sailerius, this guy is goooood

The RPG Music Challenge

Kentona, I feel like I've been struck. I'm NOT ok!

Your song made my day when I heard it ^^

The RPG Music Challenge

Unfortunately my MoBo can only handle 2GB RAM otherwise I would just upgrade - maybe it's time to bite the bullet, but maybe I'll give Garritan a go in the mean time! Cheers
You realize that the minimum requirement listed for EWQL is 4 gigs of ram, right? And that the recommended is 16?! No wonder you're having memory problems! D:

The RPG Music Challenge

I have four words for mine, also; Pain in the arse.
It's no-where near as orchestrated as I would like as I kept running out of memory! In the end I resorted to exporting the half finished track to MP3, re-importing it into a new project as an audio track so I could load up more instruments. Good fun though.

In the past, I had to do that a lot of times, actually! Especially with EWQL, which, if memory serves, is what you use. It's a beast of a program, for sure. Aside from cost, that's partially why I switched to Garritan. It's not nearly as competent, but it's not a memory hog and you can make it sound decent enough with proper mixing :P

The RPG Music Challenge

Just a quick question- it might be a little out of place, considering the context of the situation, but since there are so many musicians gathered here at once, I figured this would be a good place to ask.

Basically, I've been getting errors whenever I try to record. BIG errors. And it seems to be progressive. At first, it would happen once every three or so sessions (at ~3 hours per session), but now it seems to happen every half hour or so.

Essentially, it is an IRQ Not Less Than Or Equal error- a veritable blue screen of death, if there ever was one. After some preliminary research, it appears that this happens because the I/O ports of my ram are now apparently shared by several programs, both having to do with my recording software and without. Apparently there are some who can manually go in and change the ports so that there isn't a conflict; however, my motherboard and/or operating system does not allow that. For someone in my position, then, it would appear that a reformat and complete system re-installation are what's required. This is, obviously, going to be a huge pain in the ass.

So my question is: has anyone else encountered this problem and, if so, what steps did you take to fix it?

Sorry for the long winded post, but I'm kinda desperate here.

The RPG Music Challenge

Btw, when I asked my brother about string ensemble.
He said that string ensemble is same as guitar
There are chord which means we can play 3 notes in same time.
just like chords.
however, I didn't use string ensemble. heheh

correct me if I'm wrong.

It is not. An ensemble is any group of musicians who play together in tandem. A string ensemble would be multiple musicians. A guitar is played by a single musician. There is absolutely nothing nebulous about it.

You can make a chord with a single guitar. If you wanted to make a chord (say, a triad) with violins, you would need at least three violinists. In what way is this difficult to understand?

The RPG Music Challenge

This 3 instrument rule is a bit confusing. What about tracks that use typical "ensemble" instruments, such legato strings? Or, a set of auxiliary percussion instruments. If it is based on whether or not 3 people can play it, seems like an overly complicated thing to try and regulate.

It would seem that's exactly the point. Sometimes less is more, and being able to compose well utilizing only a handful of instruments is an important lesson in understanding the voicing of the instruments you choose. Can you mix an oboe with a trumpet? How about a flute with a piano? Knowing how the timbre of this-or-that instrument works with other instruments is fundamental when you go to compose larger orchestral arrangements.

So in answer to your question, I would say that a legato strings ensemble would be entirely out of the question. Unless, of course, you wanted to use your three instruments as three solo violins, which would be kind of pointless. One violin; one piano; one flute. Or two french horns and a tuba. However you want to arrange it, the only limiting factor here is that the song has to be made using three solo instruments.

(That means that you can't have a brass ensemble patched through your keyboard and have it count as "one" instrument).
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