Toraware no Shoujo - Caged Girl

I can't download the game for some reason, everytime I try it links me back to this page.


I can't solve the "Two of a kind puzzle", I have written the numbers down and pulled out the duplicated ones, I placed them in descending order and ascending order, I even added them and it still doesn't work.
Never mind I got it xp


How or where do you save?


I'm going to be completely honest and I'm sorry to come off as rude but
This game is terrible

For one, it crashes A LOT there were times when the controls would stop working and it would pause every few seconds. I had to restart my laptop at least 3 times.
The gameplay was no fun either, sneaking around OVER POWERED monsters was okay, I was really excited when I had discovered the sword and I thought "Oh cool, a sword now I can be all bad ass and kill these monsters" Boy was I wrong, the monsters were hard to kill because they move around WAY TOO much, sometimes they would die by 2 strikes or 3 strikes, it was hard to tell. The main character is VERY weak, VERY VERY WEAK he would die after getting hit at least 4 times. Also it was so irritating how slow the game was at times when you had to walk upstairs and climb ladders, I guess that was suppose to build tension but it was really annoying. If there is ever a time you all decide to go back and remake the game, please don't don't make Donavin (I think that's his name ) so weak, make the sword attacks less stiff, and don't make the monsters so overpowering. The only bright side(s) to this game was the story, sounds, and puzzles.


I am stuck on the part where the robot gives you a die and you're stuck in a infinite loop can anyone help me out here?
Nevermind, I chose to save Niko I know it seems selfish but she really wanted to go home.
Okay so after I saved Niko I thought, Let me see what happens if I save the world. I can't okay the game AGAIN! Maybe theres a way to clear the data but whenever I try to open the file I get a message that says "Our Savior is gone", SO YEP! Thats why t's called "One Shot" I guess.

Dreaming Mary

I cried playing this game when I discovered what was really going on, I felt really sad after playing this. I love the style, the voices, everything about this game was so unique.
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