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I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

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Fall of Darkness
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I'm lookin for advice about RPG Maker MV and Game Maker

Thank you very much for all your advice. I never heard of some of those engines, I will look into them. Of the ones that were mentioned Stencyl, GameSalad, Cocos2d, Xamarin, and Godot which would you consider the most user friendly?

Definitely not Xamarin or Cocos2d, as those are frameworks you use along with your code to more-or-less make your engine. Well, unless you're already code savvy/inclined; then it's pretty friendly compared to making all it abstracts from scratch.

Stencyl/Godot look to be engines in their own right, similar to Unity. Never heard of GameSalad, but it's aimed at K-12 education so it's probably going to be the friendliest (and possibly most limiting) you'll find.


You can sell a game with Unity Personal; don't have to worry about anything until you make, like, $100k a year or something.

Game Maker will take a ~$400 investment for mobile exports.

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There's no stopping him, don't worry

[RMMV] huge, bizarre "Deployment"- fail issue

A quick-n-dirty solution would be to deploy with the exclude flag checked and then copy over the script assets manually if nothing else turns up.

ALSO, the script assets stuff is actually noted in the help docs (hit F1) under Documentation > Plugin Configuration but the skinny is to use

* @requiredAssets img/example/image_1

in the plugin's comment block to mark what images it needs. If you're using a bunch of loose scripts (or Script events) then you could put all of those functions in a plugin and just call functions via Script event to get it work, I'd think

[RMMV] huge, bizarre "Deployment"- fail issue

'Exclude Unused Files' tends to ignore what scripts want unless explicitly stated via some method I've forgotten, IIRC

Can't comment on the encryption stuff, that's beyond me

RPG Maker MV Plus (Please No!)

So HTML / Android / etc platforms will be a breeze to export to.

I'll be happy if they can just do this, but absolutely pissed if I have to go buy a new version just to get it

(RESOLVED) [RMVX ACE] Icon set transparancy isn't working!

Have you tried using https://www.getpaint.net/ to sort this out?

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Hey-ho, I know this is a big ol necropost but it falls under the same topic and I didn't think it needed a new one (but if it do then I will)

My project here will no longer be maintained (really all I've done is try to make sure it still compiles), but a newer, more streamlined version has been produced by xilefien over on rmweb


Editing is super minimal and kept to one file, more or less.

I'm working on getting the Google Play API stuff (btw, shoutout to Google for deprecating a large portion of my stuff) in as a pull request and I believe another user is trying to do the same with OBB/expansion files, except he's managed to do it so you don't have to edit rpg_managers.js, so it'll have the same features pretty quick.

EDIT: also I like his instructions better and I find them easier to follow

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Hey that's alright. I, too, died for a long time as things caught up.

And yeah, I may try to figure out simplifying it but as it stands I've no idea how to go about it

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

I've gone around and added a test app to the play store just to prove I'm not crazy

I'm also going to have to upload and edited rpg_managers.js as I feel telling people to replace their's with mine is easier than telling them to paste stuff in several different places

EDIT: also I just pushed an update that fixes some issues, so it may not roll out for another few hours or however long the Play store decides to take

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Also, warn people that Android Studio is 1.9gb. It's no real problem for me (I download about 5gb of stuff every day) but RM is a community that doesn't like big downloads.

Oh, good point about adding in the size.. Android Studio itself is gonna be big and that's before you gotta get the needed SDKs, Play Libraries, and build tools to even compile the thing (which can be got thru Android Studio anyways, which will complain and ask you to install them too)

>but hey, we're in 'advanced mode' at this point

I'm done building a simple test game. I'm just downloading your required software now and looking over your guide. I'll be a good example for you on if an average joe can figure it out. I don't know jack crap about coding or whatever, but I don't think I'm an idiot either. I've never bricked a game console if that's any assurance.

Hehe, I suppose so. You're only going to be able to do the 'Things To Change If You Just Want An APK' part as the google play stuff is going to require you to sign yourself up as a Play Store dev (which also costs ~$20 USD) unless you wanna figure out the OBB stuff :p