Resident Nonexistence
I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

Current Task: Doing something eventually
Fall of Darkness
Will you end it or lose yourself on the way?



[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] Is there a good reason to jump from VX Ace to MV?

Being able to get Win/OS X and possibly Linux distros (since everything is wrapped in Node.js) is a plus and could just make the whole thing worth it if that's your thing

[DEV TOOL] Comprehensive List of Reviewers/Feedbackers/LPers/LTers/Play Testers/etc

nix me from the Let's Play/Try and Review lists, if you could. I'm finding I just don't come around here often enough to keep on top of things and would rather not have people waste time sending me PMs that don't get seen for over a month

3d game engine?

I also found out about game maker's 3d feature... are you aware?

It's very limited in what it can do compared to its 2D possibilities, IMO, and not worth the trouble figuring out

No assets in MV?

Throwing this one out there:

Have you tried running MV as an administrator?

RPG Creator for iOS

They could sell combat system scripts, huds, and all sorts of other things. I bet if they sold a tactic system script people would buy it. I think this is how they should market their engine.

Go all out and make a marketplace for user-generated (and enterbrain-generated) stuff like Unreal/Unity/GM:S and just take a percentage of the sales.

Just as long as they don't go down the GM:S route with selling platform compilation modules separately and they're, like, $300+ USD and people wait for Humble Bundles to nab a bunch of them for <=$15 USD

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Coming to the realization that if I don't break into game design/development, and am able to make money on it, right now, then chances are I never will.
Regardless of how good I manage to ever to get at gamedev, I would never quit my day job for it.
I myself wouldn't worry too much about it, but it's my only real marketable skill, sadly.

I'd argue that most skills that you'd get in gamedev could probably be translated elsewhere, you know? Like programming, artwork, etc

[Review Request]

Name: G
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9182/
Status: Complete
Genre: Simulation
Estimated length: Can be completed in under 1,000 moves.
Small description: Wanna be an eel? Wanna solve a mystery? Wanna learn what it means to live? You'll find it here.
Special requests: An LP to go with the review would be helpful to see how the game plays through someone else. Aside from that, a story centered review is preferable.

I've got about 34 minutes recorded and off into editing hell so I'll get back to ya on that once it's finished.

what in the actual fuck did I play, Corf

Game Maker Humble Bundle: Professional + Export Modules

@Kentona: Is that a Steam Key /humble bundle link.
I might be interested.

If it still works, sometimes those things expire. You need to read the small print.

If you're still lookin for a Pro code, I've got one lying around as well

What are you thinking about right now?

Anyone 18+ play Minecraft?

Unfortunately, yes

In hindsight, 16 years isn't really that long to go without seeing people.

It's not "too long" until they start consistently calling wondering if you've died and no one was notified, IMO

EDIT: I go on Gamejolt, hit up the new RPGs

why is it that the freakin hentai game has the best looking mapping?

What are you jamming to?

~One of these things is not like the other~