Resident Nonexistence
I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

Current Task: Doing something eventually
Fall of Darkness
Will you end it or lose yourself on the way?



Anticipated (or not) movies of 2016

If they screw this, I'm pissed

edit: apparently already in this thread.. alright then

for the record, it's apparently based off of either Warcraft I or the Tides of Darkness novel

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

1. found out that one could add achievements (or any of the Google Play services, aside from multiplayer) to their APK version of their MV game after code to get expansion support is in place as all that's really needed is for MV's javascript to see the native java code. About to have fun with that one

2. Probably going to have to code own DownloaderService for said expansion support because the cordova plugins I use cause the app to hang indefinitely, will see after I see if this fix I have works.. Fun stuff since the plugins allowed me to be non-specific about the version number and size of the expansion while the google defaults force me to keep track of both version number and byte size of the file itself (which, while probably a lot better to do, I'm too lazy to do =3= )


by the looks of it, we're all to be banned

Super Mario Bros. Super Contest

All I need is one level?

I can totally do that within 21-22 days I hope
Make it good within that time! ;)

Considering I also have to read all the tuts on the engine?

Challenge accepted; I will be winrar

Super Mario Bros. Super Contest

All I need is one level?

I can totally do that within 21-22 days I hope


Also I voted to ban all admins. If I go down I'm taking the rest of you with me!



What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

World of Warcraft

send help

Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear Controversy

oh them gooblygoobers

But let me get this straight: they screwed with pre-established things in a much-beloved franchise/game by many people, botched it (beyond writing, as it seems there are many bugs present according to reviews (how does one manage to break what worked for nearly 2 decades??)), are wondering why people think their thing is crap and are being called out on it, and, to top it off, are fumbling the handling of the situation?

Have I got this?

EDIT: also this - https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/50420/my-thoughts-on-mizhena-as-a-transgender-person-myself

Seems like he's upset about a whole lot of nothing.

depending on one's perspective, this can be said about anything.

What are you thinking about right now?

Found out some notification stuff I thought wasn't important (as the function it used had been removed as of API 6.0) turned out to completely crash the app when it's an actual release apk and not a debug apk..

Upside is that I think I found how to fix said problem but have to wait for Google to process the update before testing it =3=

EDIT: steadily finding that google's own code does many things that the device doesn't like.

5 Year Anniversary of Stats

Breaking the top 200 for both MS and post count?

Better watch out top 10, I'm getting there if ever so slightly