Resident Nonexistence
I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

Current Task: Doing something eventually
Fall of Darkness
Will you end it or lose yourself on the way?



What are you working on now?

Mapping for a FPS project..

trying out a new game engine..
beating the crap out of myself for being too late for RSD..

Release Something! Day IX: something about cats: Discussion Thread

Crap.. missed the release date -.-

Oh well.. guess I can keep the demo for next time..

starting to get it.

Water is in tileset A and at the top of the tileset.

Trees are in tileset B, around the middle.

Characters are usually events with a graphic, and don't have to have any actions. (in other words, they appear, but they can't do anything)

Cheating in video games

I play through without cheats, then I turn on whatever I want and go nuts the second time.

Making 3D Games in Lite-C - Part I

The MED link is broken :/

it keeps giving me:


We're not sure how you did it, but you unearthed our error page. Quick! Click one of the links below before the fabric of space and time begins to unravel. Oh, and sorry for the inconvenience."

Doom War: Battle on the Frontlines

Some of the floor and wall textures make it hard to tell what's what..
Still will be looking forward to this though!

How long have you been working on your game?

I've been working 4 days nearly non-stop

still nowhere near done too...

Release Something! IX: something about cats

I got my first RPGMXP game I'm working on for some extra credit at school..

Compared to most things here, it sucks. At school.. well, it's the 'latest thing'.
Right now I just have a crap demo uploaded that really isn't updated to where I am now..

Anyway, it's called A Desolate Earth..