Resident Nonexistence
I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

Current Task: Doing something eventually
Fall of Darkness
Will you end it or lose yourself on the way?


[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

So a bit of a heads up for those using MV and possibly thinking about porting to Android: I'm close to finishing a little project that should make it real easy to take your MV game and put it on android while being able to make use of Google Play Games stuff like achievements and leaderboards as well as APK Expansion files since places like the Google Play Store only allow the main APK to be 100mb in size, IIRC.

I know I've said I was doing this a couple of years ago, but I finally got around to cleaning it up so I know exactly what you, the end user, would need to change to make it yours essentially (app name, icon, package location, etc). The first iteration was so flipping horrendous since I had no idea what to really do and was a mishmash of things that shouldn't have been included or used making things more complicated to deal with

I'm currently testing it out and it works fine on my personal devices, but apparently chokes on others as far as my VM tests go so that's all that really needs cleaning up. I'll probably end up uploading the project source before long and sticking a link both on the discord and on RMN just to see where it works and where it doesn't just in case my VMs are lying to me

Upside is that this shouldn't require some complicated steps just to get a pretty neutered Android app that you can't stick on the Play Store 'cause it's too big and, with the project as it is, possibly adding other things like Facebook account integration should be easier in the long run if someone's so inclined to do so

TL;DR I'm finally close to putting out the thing I said I was doing, like, 2 years ago and I'm happy

[RMVX ACE] Who want free maek?

Right, dunno if there's any sort of "proper procedure" for this but I guess I'll find out when the admins come askin for my papers and whatnot

So I went out and got the Humble Bundle, yay me; downside, I already gots VXAce + Game Character Hub and that GameGuru thing. Then I remembered

1. this site exists
2. ppl liek maek gaem here (eventually)
3. 2 is usually RPG Maker gaem, though sometimes it's another engine

I figured they'd get some more love down here with someone instead of sitting in my HB library for all eternity. Winner(s) would get picked randomly ('cause I just don't think First Come First Served is fair on the interweb)

Basically, I got two things; each one gets a separate winrar

1. VXAce + Game Character Hub
2. GameGuru

Pick one (or both, you greedy eager little thing you) and I shall pick my winners most likely tomorrow 7 PM CDT or Friday the same time if life should dictate that I'm not allowed to have fun on Thursday

Now, time to go crawl back under that rock.. or maybe continue that game I was making now that I kinda feel back in the spirit of things

NOTE: these things require Steam

In need of a template

So I need a head. Pretty much it.

A nice, blank head within a nice 96x96 square (that's a standard faceset tile, right?), preferably with ears. I can't seem to produce anything I can use, so I'm hoping someone with a bit more artistic ability can help me out on this :F

[VX Ace] show a picture when a skill is used?

Any idea on how to do it? I'm trying to get something like this come in from the right of the screen, hover in the middle for a bit, and fly out to the left.

It's not needed ASAP, but I'd like to have this solved (or at least have me going in the right direction) before I get to the point where I really need it :F


3 minutes late but whatever :D

Happy New Years to all
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