American Elections '08

Natook, where do you live? I care about America and can gladly take care of that problem.

Let's look on the bright side... Maybe his change will work. Obama has said quite a few things about running things more efficiently -- so maybe it'll be decent change and he won't be the anti-Christ or something.

I have a feeling, though, that Godzilla is going to fight him. I mean, there was a Godzilla vs. Barkley -- I'm pretty sure there's going to be a Godzilla vs. Obama.

American Elections '08

Here's the thing, though.

If Obama gets 215 for sure WITHOUT California counted, I'll agree. I don't disagree that California will be giving him a significant push (and it seems like the rest of the west coast is voting for him as well). However, I'd like to see Florida, Ohio, and a few other key states, or at least 200+ confirmed votes before I agree that he wins.

American Elections '08

I wouldn't give him 262 just yet... Exit polls aren't always accurate... And they're pretty close so far -- most of them seem to be within 5-10% of each other.

However, I'll say that at this point, I would be surprised if McCain wins.

One thing I'm kind of curious -- I've heard Obama has already got a lot of assassination threats/plots on him... Has anyone heard anything about this, or are they just rumors that everyone in Houston likes to talk about...?

American Elections '08

Not sure how much you don't know -- but winner takes all. So right now, they're making guesses on trends, I imagine, and probably exit-polls. Once a state has 100% precincts counted, then I believe that it is locked in that, THAT state's electoral votes go to the majority winner completely. i.e. Obama has 20% McCain has 20% and Barr has 60% with 12 electoral votes in the state of Navabraska. Barr would win all 12 votes in this case.

American Elections '08

Just in case I'm getting this wrong, can someone tell me how Obama's policies aren't socialistic?


Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly,

Seriously, I'd like to know what I have wrong, so maybe I understand other views better.

American Elections '08

Thanks, Chaos.

And Feldschlacht,

Yes, I do. No, he's not completely socialist -- but he swings very far to the left. Much further than I care for. I don't agree with Obama's policies on wealth-distribution, government health care, and so forth. Flat tax would be most fair, in my opinion, since jumping from one tax-bracket to another wouldn't cause you to lose a significant chunk of change (i.e. the removal of said tax-brackets).

I agree more with smaller government, letting some corporations fall on their face and die so that we don't bail out people who made poor investments, and a flat tax. We desperately need insurance reform so that insurance agencies can't be stupid about honoring things -- and in the meanwhile, allow fraud to go on fine, since someone knows how to abuse the system.

In any case, let's hope America's future is bright and some topics get solved, regardless of the candidate who wins!

American Elections '08

Voted for Barr. A wasted vote, but at least I didn't vote for one of the others -- shouldn't matter, though -- McCain should win Texas, and he'd be my candidate of choice otherwise. Obama's Socialism scares me a bit... I bet we'll have the highest voter turnout ever with this election...

Does anyone know of a site where I could go to get up-to-the-minute accurate statements about the polls and who's winning? Unfortunately, I don't have an antenna for my HDTV, so I'm out of luck on knowing what's going on.

Hurricane Ike

What part of town do you live in? The entire FEMA thing is kind of dumb -- if you were without power for 5 days, you don't need $2,500. They need to reserve that money for people who had damage to their homes, vehicles, etc. I understand that some of us may need to have money for food, etc, but let's face it -- I think $500 per day for food and shelter is a little unreasonable/over-estimated. I know a lot of businesses that are taking care of their employees -- one of my close friend's brother-in-law is a manager at the Gap, and the Gap gave him a free suite at the Four Seasons downtown (4-5 star hotel). That's not even with FEMA aid, etc. A lot of businesses are doing this too -- not just Gap. The oil/gas company I contract at offered to extend short-term no-interest loans, immediate money if necessary, etc, as well.

In any case, yeah. I dunno. It's unfortunate that the people in Galveston who underestimated the storm didn't pay closer attention to the storm itself -- Ike was a category 4/5 by storm-surge/size, but only 2 by winds. And if you really know hurricanes (as anyone who lives on the coast in a tropical area, should!), you know that more people die from the storm-surge than anything else...

Hurricane Ike

I live right by downtown Houston, and I got hit by the storm wall. A lot of damage was done to my complex as far as fences and trees go -- a lot of trees were ripped out of the ground because of the high moisture and high winds. At one point, my area was hit with 135mph gusts.

Thankfully, unlike you Suicide, I never lost power or water at all. My water pressure dropped for a while, but that's the worst that it was.

I've heard of a lot of people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, which is pretty sad. A few people in Galveston died who were a (little retarded) unfortunate and thought that they could ride the storm out.

I uploaded photos of Ike's aftermath near downtown Houston and my apartment complex, which is somewhat near River Oaks (think Beverly Hills/Rich area in Houston).


After this storm, I feel pretty confident I can ride through pretty much any storm. Might need a house or something if I want to ride out a category 5 -- but I was fine with a category 3 thusfar!

Windows 7

Well, in the sense of thin clients, that would require a gigantic shift in the market and how things were deployed -- which I just don't see happening. Right now, Intel, etc, make a lot of money by having multiple computers. Midori would be killing that and fighting it pretty fast.

In any case, it'd just be a smart idea to have different configurations -- perhaps a personal, home server, and business server edition. This is what I've tried to stress to some of the Microsoft "engineers." I'm not alone in this.

There's a certain amount of happiness you can have with redundancy. Imagine you have a four-person family, two parents, two kids. In the Midori model, if the machine had hardware failure and one of the kids had a school report due the next day -- tough crap. He can't go to his sister's computer or borrow his mom's. What about mobile office users? Or people who want to take their laptops with them out? If Midori doesn't make a distinction, then they'll be in trouble.

I don't completely hate the idea of the thin-client -- it'd make a family work together in ways. Something goes funny and they all know about it and work together. It'd be like everyone being in a living room, doing their own things, rather than on their own in their rooms. Indeed, by the time I have children, I wouldn't mind being able to have a little family network setup -- but I would *still* want my own machine that I could put on/off the network as I wanted -- but this may be a replacement for the "desktop" model that's been going on.

A big issue that I didn't raise earlier -- security. Anyone can find a hole in just about anything -- it happens. The only way to make it work in some sense would be to encrypt/protect everything, but that would cost some processing power and make data recovery more painful.

Truly, I don't mind the thin client idea too much -- but I don't want it to be the only option -- I still want my own independent machine that can go anywhere.