Profit Motive: A Business Adventure RPG

Well god damn, this looks like the most original project I've seen in RPG Maker.


New rule: Stop posting shitty blogs

God damn it Kentona, I actually went back to my blog posts to see if the date coincided with this rule. :X

What's wrong with Blackmoon Prophecy?

A dash button would also work.

Just sayin'

EDIT: Wow, late to the party, my bad. :(

Five Strategies for Better Game-Making

#5 is very very true. A lot of my ideas and "systems" I have come up with in RPG Maker is mostly due to playing other community games and thinking "could I do something like that?", but once I start, I begin going off on my own tangent, making something completely different (in a good way) than what I began with. Playing other's games also showed me over the years how to use some RPG Maker functions that I had no idea how to use or even existed.

Great article, Solitayre. :)

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Haha, the game that gave me the inspiration and idea for FFV-II. I never thought I would find this again.

Wanderer's Path

Well, considering that it only went up today about a half hour before your posting, people probaby haven't had time to comment. In any case, I lik the mapping of the one and the menu of the other screenshot, but there's not a whole for me to go on. A couple more screenshots showing other places, and a video that does more than show off the game menu, would make a difference.

This was put up almost two weeks ago.

I need your help! Stylistic Choices!

2. Massive nostalgia trip.



I was going to go for "Zete", but it seemed too strange, so I went for "Zeke" instead. It's an old screenshot. :X



Because modest women don't wear turquoise swimsuits after consensual sex.

I think.