[RM2K3] Streaming my old RM game, Kinetic Cipher

What's good, dudes!

This coming Thursday, December 4, at 6pm EST, I'm going to be streaming my old RM project on Twitch. I'll be talking about the game, the thought process behind its design, my history with various RM communities, and basically what the hell I was smoking during my early 20s. I figure a few folks around here would be interested in seeing that, so feel free to drop by and heckle.

My Twitch channel is here:


Guild Master - RPG Simulator Tournament - Preliminaries

Kwame - Knight
Venomblade, Protection, Ironhide, Indomitable
Masamune, Crescent

Wheeler - Magus
Flames, Fireball, Internalize, Quicken
Tiamat, Archlord

Linka - Hunter
Flurry, Blitz, Disperse, Athlete
Atlas, Gryphon

Gi - Cleric
Zeal, Renew, Siphon, Energetic
Tiamat, Archlord

Super RMN Bros. 3

So far the average of Deckiller's scores is about 2.77/5, or 55%. Well, that's a high F, at least!

Super RMN Bros. 3

I did. It was boring. "Look I made SMB1!" is a gag that's been done. I guess if I stick with it for a few more stars I can play "Look I made SMB2!" too? Pass.

Super RMN Bros. 3

The tutorial was pretty cool, I thought!

Then the first actual level is some romhack bullshit where you have to chain stopwatches through screens full of crabs and bullet bills.

Then the third or so level is just two screens' worth of grass tiles.

Then the fourth or fifth level is some broken nonsense where I have to chase a ninji, or something? I tripped a green block and then fell down and got trapped.

So I quit playing. Oh well. Maybe you guys will (finally) get it right in Super RMN World.

I met SovanJedi today

So here's the scorecard: I made off with a shiny new wife, Sovan took two of the bridesmaids, Jude jerked off in the punch bowl and I think WIP's still scared of girls.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Link, you're acting like my problem is "RMNB2 has too many bad levels" when in fact it is "almost every level in RMNB2 exhibits poor design". There's a bolded statement in my review post that says as much.

The solution is not to cull the bottom 10% out of the game. The solution is to go back and make every single level better. EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. The only way this will happen is for you guys to really get it together and learn how to accept and offer criticism.

I wonder what the excuse will be once I play the FINAL final (for real this time!) version and STILL think it's shit. What is GRS doing to fix the existing levels? Rewriting them all from scratch? That would explain why he's been at it for three months.

Super RMN Bros. 2

Thank you Brickroad.

Well, that's a lot better than "fuck off and die you faggot troll".

I'm movin' up in the world!

Super RMN Bros. 2

Super RMN Bros. 2

Probably the fact that this contest ran some time in August and there's still no end result.
It was November/December. i still don't understand the purpose of brickroad's post.

I downloaded RMN Bros. 2 and it is shitty. You guys made shit. I am alleviating the frustration I feel about this project by laughing at you.

I wish it didn't have to be this way. I hope your guys' next Mario game is way better!